Welcome to the North Orange Christian Church Wedding Website. We hope that this website will answer most of the questions you may have regarding Weddings at North Orange Christian Church (NOCC).

We want to thank you for considering NOCC for your special day and want to work with you to make this a special and memorable day. Our staff regards marriage as a sacred relationship and we are committed to building strong marriages. For this reason we place certain restrictions and requirements on weddings performed at NOCC.

NOCC is interested in marrying couples who want a Christian marriage. Couples will not be allowed to marry at NOCC if any of the following exist:

1. Legal reason why the marriage should not take place.
2. Couple is “unequally yoked,” meaning one is a professing Christian, and one is not.
3. Any deception between the couple becomes known to the church.
4. Couple does not complete the required premarital counseling.


Premarital Counseling is required of all couples whose wedding takes place at North Orange Christian Church (NOCC) This requirement is not intended as a burden to the couple, but to help insure that the couple has the strongest possible marriage-the marriage God designed for them!

Premarital counseling is provided by NOCC on an “as available” basis. Scheduling can be initiated through the church office. If counseling is not available at NOCC in the time frame the couple requires, it is the responsibility of the couple to find and complete comparable counseling elsewhere. This outside counseling must be approved by NOCC Senior Pastor.


- The total cost of the counseling is less than $60 (depending on the cost of the books required). This would generally cost over $1000 at a counselor's office. NOCC is willing to absorb this cost in order to provide the couple with the best preparation for marriage possible.
- The couple will need to purchase several books.
- An agreement to maintain sexual abstinence prior to wedding is required.
- The couple is required to attend church services together during the counseling process.
- The couple must commit to regular attendance at counseling sessions, and completion of homework as required.


Assist the couple in making the final decision whether to marry at this time.
Provide a broad and accurate picture of the couple’s relationship to the couple.
Improve communication and problem solving skills.
Create a realistic concept of love and healthy expectations of marriage.
Foster mutual spiritual goals.
Discuss re-marital and step-parenting issues if applicable. 
Address any other concerns evident to the couple or from the assessment process.

It is best to come in 6 months prior to your wedding date and no fewer than 3 months.

After a one hour orientation session, and the signing of a premarital agreement, a battery of assessments will be given to the couple to be completed at home. This can take up to several weeks to complete (this will be explained at the orientation). 

The process requires a minimum of 6 sessions (8 sessions if this is a second marriage or either of the couple has a child.)

There is required reading including:

--Getting Your Sex Life Off To a Great Start, Penner and Penner. 
--Communication, Key to Your Marriage, Wright.
--Before You Say I Do OR Before You Remarry, Wright.



Before the final scheduling of a wedding, the Bride and Groom must meet with the Senior Minister of NOCC. 

If the presiding minister is not a member of NOCC staff, they must be approved by the NOCC Senior Minister and an NOCC minister must be present at the wedding ceremony. The guest minister must attend the wedding rehearsal.

All weddings held at NOCC will be supervised by a NOCC Minister and Wedding Coordinator. All weddings must be finished by 4:00. Removal of decorations, rental property and flowers is the responsibility of the wedding party. They must be removed immediately following the wedding.

All children must be supervised by adults at all times.

NO alcoholic beverages or tobacco use is permitted on the church property. It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to see that their wedding party abides with these regulations. Violation of these rules could result in cancellation of the wedding.

Rice, bird seed or confetti shall not be thrown inside or outside of the church buildings. Silk rose petals may be used but be picked up after ceremony.

Photography and video recording are permitted. Specific arrangements shall be approved by the presiding minister or wedding coordinator. There is no flash photography during the ceremony.

The wedding party assumes total obligation for damages to the buildings and/or property caused by the wedding party, friends of Bride and Groom, or wedding guests.

The church is not responsible for any losses suffered by the wedding party due to the unavailability of the premises.


The Wedding Coordinator will meet with the Bridal Party 1 month before the wedding to review the wedding schedule and order of ceremony.

There will be no changes after the rehearsal.

Rehearsals begin promptly at the agreed upon time.

Only those participating in the wedding are to be present for the rehearsal.

The Marriage License must be given to the Wedding Coordinator or the presiding minister the night of your rehearsal.

Any prerecorded music must be given to the sound technician at the rehearsal.


Unity candle and tapered candles should be brought to the rehearsal.

Pew bows can be used, these must be hung by rubber bands, bows of ribbon or tulle or pipe cleaners.


Fees include minister, two wedding coordinators, a sound technician, utilities, janitorial services, use of 2 flower stands, 2 candelabras (candles provided), 1 unity candle stand, and brass candle lighters. (Gift for guest minister is NOT included in this fee.) If the wedding party would like videos shown before and/or after the ceremony there is an additional charge of $100 (available only in the Worship Center).

NOCC does not provide pew bows, flowers, decorations or unity candles (2 tapered candles & 1 center pillar candle).


$375.00 is required at the time of booking. The deposit confirms your date and time. Upon cancellation, a $50.00 fee will be deducted to cover administrative costs. Your wedding balance is due one week prior to the wedding. 

CHAPEL - 100 guests

Members: $500.00
Non Members: $625.00

WORSHIP CENTER - 300 guests

Members: $550.00
Non Members: $700.00


Contact the Church Office at (714) 998-3181 regarding the date and time requested. Once it is determined that the date and time are available, a wedding contract will be provided for signature.

The deposit and wedding contract, signed by the bride, groom and guest minister (if applicable) must be submitted to the Church Office Administrator no later than three months prior to the date of your wedding to guarantee the date and time. If the presiding minister is not a minister of North Orange Christian Church, then the contract must also be signed by a North Orange Christian Church minister. Our facilities are not available on Sundays.