After prayer and study, the elders of North Orange Christian Church affirm the following policy statement:

Subject: Funerals/Memorial Services

The intent of the following policies and procedures is three fold: 
1. to honor the Lord in everything done.
2. to show the Lord’s love to the bereaved.
3. to maintain the integrity of the church.

Assigned Pastoral Staff
All funerals and memorial services, regardless of whether they are conducted by a member of NOCC’s pastoral staff, shall have a member of NOCC’s pastoral staff in attendance and with the authority to act on the church’s behalf to insure the church policies are maintained.

The use of NOCC’s facilities for funerals/memorial services shall be dependent on:
1. previously scheduled events (which can be cancelled or rescheduled at Senior Minister’s discretion)
2. the availability of a pastoral staff member to officiate
3. the approval of non-NOCC staff officiant(s) and the order of service when the service is not to be conducted by an NOCC staff member.

Special employment
The securing of specialists such as soloists or musicians is the responsibility of the family, and financial arrangements are to be left between the family and the person being employed. The exception to this is if the service requires the use of NOCC’s technical equipment (sound system, video system, special lighting). When such use is requested, it shall require an individual trained and approved by NOCC’s worship arts minister. Scheduling of the funeral/memorial service is dependent on the church’s ability to secure such a person.

Fees for use of facilities for funerals and memorial services are to be set by the Senior Minister, in keeping with the following:
1. fees are intended to offset NOCC’s expenses related to use of the facilities.
2. fees are to be set so as to not put undue pressure on the bereaved.
3. fees for technical staff (i.e. sound, video) are to be consistent with such fees for the same services for weddings.
4. no fee shall be charged for the pastoral staff member assigned.

1. Funerals or memorial services are to be scheduled through the front office as they communicate with the pastoral staff regarding facility availability and staff availability. Fees and policies shall be communicated to the person(s) making arrangements on behalf of the family at this time.
2. The presiding minister will meet with family representatives and communicate with other officiants sufficiently in advance to insure an understanding of the service, provide for its needs, and avoid last minute problems.

The use of NOCC facilities is not to be extended to any family or group intending to allow practices inconsistent with Christian teaching. This includes, but is not limited to:
1. Secular observances which might be inappropriate (to be determined by the Senior minister)
2. Services which include rituals honoring or advancing faiths which further idolatry or oppose Christianity (e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Masonry) 
3. No alcohol, drugs or tobacco use on NOCC grounds allowed.

Graveside services
Graveside services provided by NOCC staff shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the policies for funerals/memorial services on site.