North Orange Christian Church is committed to being a part of fulfilling the commission Jesus gave us to make disciples of all nations! We believe this is done both at home and abroad. To bring this about, NOCC supports missions both at home and abroad in a number of ways:

Direct missionary support: We financially support numerous missionaries around the world.
Personal support: In additional to financial support, we attempt to provide personal support to missionaries including prayer, encouragement, emails, etc.
Support of indigenous efforts: Several of the missionaries we support are committed to training and facilitating the ministries of nationals in their own countries. This is seen as a high priority for NOCC, because it provides a much more effective use of our funds, and recognizes the fact that people are usually more capable of reaching their own country than "outsiders" are.
Short term missions: We provide support and encouragement to missionaries on the field through short term mission teams. These teams also provide an opportunity for concrete (sometimes literally!) efforts at showing love in practical ways such as teaching, building and providing supplies to people in other countries. The most obvious effect of these efforts is to increase our awareness of the need to fulfill Christ's commission, and our commitment to doing so!

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Our Legacy of Hope
Since 1980, Amor's mission has remained the same. God has called us to build his Church. We do that by responding to the spiritual and physical poverty in the world by empowering groups and individuals to participate in an Amor Mission Trip, a house building mission trip.

As we carry out this mission, we realize that building a house doesn't just provide shelter. It's a step toward Jesus and obedience to the one thing he asked us to build. HIS CHURCH.

Our Vision
Our very name means love. We choose to show God's love through simple, tangible acts of service. Amor demonstrates to the poor the same grace we have all received through Jesus. Our mission statement is:

Amor brings people together to provide transformative experiences that manifest the justice, kindness, and humility of Jesus Christ.

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Amor Ministries
3636 Camino del Rio North
Suit 215
San Diego, CA. 92108




Former members of NOCC
Ministering in Tijuana, Mexico

Scott August 4
Gayla June 30
Jordan December 15

Wedding Anniversary: 
October 17, 1981

March, 1980

AMOR Ministries
1664 Precision Park Lane
San Diego CA 92173
Phone: 619-662-1200
Email: gayla@amor.org
Website: www.amor.org

Since 1980, AMOR's mission has remained the same. God has called us to build his Church, and we do that by responding to the spiritual and physical poverty in the world. Our very name means love. We choose to show God's love through simple, tangible acts of service. AMOR demonstrates to the poor the same grace we all received through Jesus. We are committed to be like Christ as we provide educational and mission experiences that radically change people, eradicate spiritual and physical poverty, and impact the future of the church. As we carry out this mission, we realize that building a house isn't just providing shelter. It's a step toward Jesus and obedience to the one thing he asked us to build: HIS CHURCH.

Scott and Gayla, along with a full-time AMOR team, carry out their commitment and passion for helping the poorest of the poor in Mexico. They mobilize volunteers and work with local churches in the U.S. and Mexico to respond to the physical and spiritual poverty in Mexico. Presently, opportunities are now opening up for the building of houses in South Africa.

Our ministry is effective because of our highly interactive partnerships with pastors of local churches in Mexico, trip coordinators, and our National Advisory Board. We all share a common vision and purpose for building God's kingdom.

Our essential partners brainstorm, collaborate, implement and pray with AMOR over each area of the ministry. This allows AMOR to continually learn and grow. The result: we are able to effectively serve the individuals and families we come in contact with each day.


Ministering in Mexico and South Africa

Steve    Aug. 14
Liz    Oct. 2
Tracy    May 8
Taylor May 3

September 15, 1986

February 2, 1982

AMOR Ministries
1664 Precision Park Lane
San Diego, CA 92173
619-662-1200 ext.123 

Email: Shorrex@amor.org
Website: www.amor.org


Provide educational and mission experiences that radically change people
Eradicate spiritual and physical poverty
Impact the future of the Church 

Steve Horrex serving with Amor for the past 35 years
VP of Global Development
Serving with Amor, as VP of Global Development, I’m responsible for both our current international development projects and the research and develop of our future Global projects, as God leads us to go and serve throughout the world.

We are currently serving fulltime in Mexico and South Africa and we are in the preliminary stages of investigating partnerships with like-minded ministries, serving those in need in Kenya, Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, and East Timor.

Two programs currently have my full attention. The first is known as Cienega, located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Southern Mexico. Cienega is being constructed as a training facility for missionaries and pastors to better equip them in preparation to go and serve throughout the world. I’ve been asked to lead the work on building a facility. This project has been gaining interest over the years through our Global Gathering conferences where attendees are primarily young adults. Their desire is to ensure we fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples and I am sincerely appreciative to be part of this work.

The other major program that takes a good portion of my time is directing our ministry in South Africa. With the great support of our newly established South African Board of Directors and our staff there, our goal is to be 100% financially supported and staffed by South Africans by 2018. Amor’s role will then change to partner and we will support the new team and serve together following God’s leading for the future.

I also oversee a program called the Amor Commissioneers which is the coordination and mobilization of skilled architects and engineers located all over the world who love Amor and are willing to volunteer their skills to further the ministry.  So, as God leads us into new countries and new partnerships, these committed volunteers, regardless of where we go, are ready to serve by helping us put our best foot forward in every condition with skilled planning and design. In every new situation, we must consider cultural design, availability of materials, cost and the training of locals.

And finally, when needed, I act as the official represent for Amor in the different countries we serve, to share our story and convey how Amor feels called to serve the poorest of the poor throughout the world with the highest level of integrity.

Over the past few years the Mayors and the City Council Members of each of the cities we serve in have opened their city’s doors to our ministry. One of the biggest blessings has been the new camp properties that have been provided by the different cities free of charge. And when we request that they would also develop them for us, they have always done whatever they could to help get them ready for our volunteers.


Former member of NOCC

Bob (husband)    May 13
Marolin    Sept 14
We have four grown children: Jeff, Chris, Wendy & Katie

Wedding Anniversary:
July 8, 1967 

January 1988

1664 Precision Park Lane
San Diego, CA 92173
Phone: 619.662.1200
Email: marolin@amor.org; bobnmar@pacbell.net
Website: www.amor.org


God has called us to build his Church, and we do that by responding to the spiritual and physical poverty in the world. We choose to show God’s love through simple, tangible acts of service. As we carry out this mission, we realize that building a house isn’t just providing shelter. It’s a step toward Jesus and obedience to the one thing he asked us to build: HIS CHURCH. 

I have had a number of responsibilities in the nearly 20 years I have worked with AMOR. Currently, I do all the data entry of the individuals who participate in a mission trip to build houses in Mexico. Last year that amounted to over 23,000 people. In the future, we hope to have each group do their own online entry for each individual going on the trip. Their doing so would probably eliminate the need for much of what I am presently doing. In preparation for that, talks have already begun about a new role for me within the organization. I’m excited about that and am looking forward to what God has planned for me in my future with AMOR.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of watching this ministry grow from a handful of people in a small office on the campus of Pacific Christian College to a staff of 45 in a large industrial building in San Diego with a field office in El Paso, TX. I’ve experienced first hand watching what can happen when people truly seek God before stepping out in faith.



IberoAmerican Ministries
P.O. Box 1493
Monroe, WA 98272
Email: iammainoffice@aol.com 
Website: www.iamweb.org/ecuador.html

“To plant churches and provide humanitarian services resulting in people movements that reveal God’s glory among the nations.”

“To see peoples, communities and nations transformed by Christ, through the global movements of Kingdom disciples.” 

Currently there are different locations we support around the world. The locations include Africa, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Europe, and Iraq. There are also short term teams that people take part in and internships as well.    

Fall 2018



Former members of NOCC

Tom, Cara, Caleb, Jenna, & Amy.

September 1997 (moved to CO in March ’99)

10X Productions/PIONEERS (a team that is part of PIONEERS)
Email: info@10XProductions.org
Website: www.10xproductions.org


We are so privileged to be able to serve alongside our NOCC family. Even though it has been some years since we were serving right beside you, we think of ourselves as an extension of the local body, just doing different things for the same Cause - Christ's glory!

Our team's ministry in media is focused on this Vision and Mission:

At 10X Productions, we see people from all cultures experiencing life-change in Christ through the influence of visual media.

We are visual storytellers who specialize in telling cross-cultural, spiritual stories and empowering emerging visual storytellers in other cultures. Partnering with missionaries, national churches, and media outlets, we develop innovative access to the Gospel by producing creative content and training others to use media to reach people in their culture.

As the Team Leader for 10X Productions, Tom is responsible for setting vision and guiding our team’s projects. Tom travels overseas for special projects like training in short film production and long-term collaboration with other partner ministries and networks. For the past five years we have been working to raise up a generation of young believers in the most unreached nations in the world. We teach workshops in media production and strategy so they are able to tell visual stories to evangelize their own people. Over the course of this project, we have seen a number of church communities develop their own teams and media resources like short films, music videos, and social media spots. This is strategic because Churches and Christian workers have been increasingly under pressure and many workers have been kicked out by the government. If we are no longer able to travel there, we are confident that we have been developing strong leaders who can do the work themselves in the future. Tom spends a lot of time on-line! Rather than traveling as much as he did in the past, he has been developing online courses to train workers all over the world in media strategies to support church planting. He developed a five-week course that has been full every time we've offered it and is influencing many large mission agencies in their media work.

We've had students from 25+ countries in the course. Tom has recently been working with a team in North Africa to create a strategy and media tools like short films and contextual Bible stories to encourage people to gather in groups to read the Bible. This is the foundation of networks of small, reproducing churches in the country. Later this year, he's starting a Media Strategy Lab to work with teams in other countries to help them with projects beyond the basic course he teaches.

Our ministry seems to constantly grow and change, but the vision is the same - God's glory known among the nations. Media is a key tool that God is using. We're so grateful to our North Orange family for being a part of our team.



Ministering in Bukit Indah, Ciputat, Tangerang near Jakarta, Indonesia on the Island of Java

Robert C. (Bob)    October 9
Janice K. (Jan)    May 9

We have five children: Becky, Rob, Mike, Tim
and Sheri and ten grandchildren

Wedding Anniversary:
July 8, 1960 

July 9, 1974

Indonesian Christian Mission
870 Vermont Street, 
Gridley, CA 95948
(forwarding agent Scott K. McMillan) 
Phone: (408) 230-6424
Email: mackurus@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.indonesianchristianmission.org
Facebook: @janiceledbettermaclean

For security reasons, we do not post newsletter updates from this mission. If you would like current information, please contact Bob Maclean at (408) 230-6424 or email mackurus@yahoo.com


We are working to develop a group or network of mutually supportive churches who are self-reliant spiritually, economically and emotionally. A concise statement would be in planting and nurturing commitment to Jesus Christ in the hearts of Indonesians, and teaching them to become mature, independent adult Christians who by the purity of their lives, reliance on God alone, and verbal testimony show the light of evangelism to their world. Our theme scripture is every phrase of Matthew 28:19-20. 

At present we are writing and publishing seven workbooks for “Rencana Penebusan”. two of the seven are finished, and are ready to go to the press.

We are just finishing the printing of our six workbook series on “The Scheme of Redemption" (Rencana Penebusan). Our ministry will use these in the village evangelism program that we and our co-workers are pursuing. We are also working together to develop one or two new foundations to sponsor the publishing ministry, a village evangelism program that includes extension courses for college credit and a social welfare program. We will again sponsor several HIV/Hope seminars. We are tentatively scheduling seminars in Salatiga, Surabaya, and West Java in the fall. At least one will be taught by an Indonesian national assisted by Duane Crumb HIV/Hope director. Finally, we are attempting to establish new, small Bible studies in West Java led by church members.


A conservative evangelical institution of higher education located in the Ukraine

President of TCI:    Valentin Siney
Partners’ Liaison:    Anya Skurikhina

Dneprovskaya St 74
P.O. Box 39
Antonovka Kherson 73485
Website: tci.org.ua

Click here for our Pioneer Bible Translators Update

Check out the Newest Update from November 2017 here.

TCI Outreach to Soldiers in Crimea


We think that today a Christian leader needs serious preparation in order to become an effective minister. Such preparation can be accomplished only through systematic education. Therefore, Tavriski Christian Institute’s activities are aimed at providing the local churches of Ukraine and other former USSR republics with well-educated and spiritually mature ministers, who are aware of the important role of education and are capable of developing this training in their congregations.

TCI strives to meet the needs of the churches by developing the programs and forms of teaching for people of different ages, backgrounds, and ministry experiences. We aim at creating necessary conditions for the academic, practical and spiritual formation and growth of students and helping them discover their gifts in order to become useful for the Church and God’s Kingdom.

Currently, Tavriski Christian Institute hosts more than 120 students of 5 different evangelical denominations. TCI is a big Christian family that consists of people of different ages, temperaments, backgrounds, and main interests. However, they all are bonded together by the common goal of serving Christ. Some of the students are pastors and missionaries, leaders of various ministries, the others are simply young people who have made a decision to commit their whole lives to God and feel the need to be well-equipped for his work.

Today TCI is living proof that an interdenominational partnership of Christians is possible. It is also a convincing argument to support the idea of the importance of the education for the church leaders. TCI is not just another educational institution of local significance. The majority of our students come from Kherson, Nikolaev, Sumy, Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie, Karakalpakia, faraway Siberia, and Russia.

TCI Ministry in Georgia


Ministering in Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico

Founder/Director:    Martha Lopez
Administrator:    Seth Gomez (her son)

P.O. Box 85
National City, CA 91951-0085
Phone: (619)428-4638
Email: TCM@tijuanachristianmission.org
Website: tijuanachristianmission.org

Click here for their March 2017 update!

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Click here for their November 2017 update!

Our vision is to serve God through serving the needy children of Mexico - children who come to us from broken homes or from no home at all, and who have learned to make a life for themselves on the streets. Through City of Refuge Children’s Home, we are able to provide a loving family environment for children who have seen and experienced abuse, neglect and extreme poverty.

We would like to provide more training for the staff since we are seeing more psychological and spiritual damage in the children who arrive at the home. We want to be able to serve them better. Also with such a large number of new staff, we need to work on creating deeper love bonds and carving out times for fellowship among us. This will help us to be more united in our work and ministry to the children.

God has made my dream of a bigger home, where children can run freely, a reality. Our young people who have been raised with us are now preaching and involved in praise bands. Over the last 44 years, the staff has seen many miracles. What a job it is to see the smile of a child who once was hungry and now is fed, who once was cold and now is warm, who once was abused, and now is loved.


While North Orange Christian Church does not support Amy financially we have developed a relationship with her over the years and support her ministry with prayer and encouragement.

Ministering with Greater Europe Mission in Italy

Amy Williams    April 25

I joined Greater Europe Mission in January 2000 I moved back to San Diego in October, 2017

Greater Europe Mission
18950 Base Camp Road
Monument, Colorado 80132 

Phone: 1-800-GEM-4488
Email: Amy.Williams@GEMission.org
Website: www.gemission.org
Website: www.AmyInItaly.com


Through training to increase focused prayer with the goal of extending God’s kingdom throughout the world..

I am now a GEM Prayer Mobilizer which means my job is to raise awareness of the need for focused prayer and train teams to be effective when they travel, especially to areas outside of their home country.


Laura Vargas.jpg

Ministering with YWAM (youth with a mission) in Kauai, Hawaii


Laura Vargas/ YWAM Kauai
PO Box 260
Waimea, HI 96796 

Online:  KalaheoMissionary.com
Click on giving tab;  click on “click here to give online”; follow directions

Website: KalaheoMissionary.com

This summer I will start staff training in Kauai. I am serving with YWAM ( youth with a mission) which was founded in 1960 and has been training young people for the mission field for over 50 years. YWAM has over 1,100 locations and 180 countries and still growing.

Last September I started DTS which is a discipleship training school. DTS is split into two parts. A 3 month lecture phase and 3 month outreach phase. I was in Kauai for lecture phase and Nepal for outreach. Our base in Kauai has a heart for reaching the un-reached. According to the Joshua Project, an un-reached people group is, “a group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group.” Essentially, they are people who have never heard the gospel before.

We also focus on community and local life. On the outside, Kauai is paradise, but there are still so many people who are affected by drugs and abuse. Jesus is bringing hope to the hopeless in these local communities.

In my 2 year commitment I hope to see people's lives transformed by the love of JESUS. In September our DTS starts! Students will come and encounter Jesus, and learn what it is to be his disciple.  

Serving on staff I will be leading community outreach, evangelism nights, meeting with the students weekly, and leading small groups. Among these, we participate in class times everyday, lead intercession and worship, teach on bible study, and share personal testimonies as well as lead outreach. In the past YWAM Kauai has gone to nations like Nepal, Bali, Indonesia, Fiji, Philippines, and Thailand. I will be living in a house with the DTS students. I am so excited to see how God moves in the lives of these young people! 


We have other missionaries whose safety and mission could be compromised by putting their names on the internet. More can be learned about them by signing up for the missions update list (open to members and attendees of NOCC). You can sign up on the back of your Response Card on Sunday morning.