Letters For Living

A study on the books of Titus, 2nd & 3rd John, Philemon.


March 24th Gospel Transformation

If you have been saved by God, you are different. You are changed. Remember that. Remember who you once were and who you are now. Remember what God has done in your life. Live these truths out. This is the plea from Paul in Titus three.

2nd John

March 31st Instructions to the Church

Love is a characteristic that should be the foundation for any church. What does that love look like? Who teaches us that love? These are the things that John covers in this letter to the church.

3rd John

April 7th Imitating Who?

The New Testament is full of examples that we are called to follow. In John’s third letter, he actually tells the church not to follow a certain person, Diotrephes’ example. It turns out that Diotrephes is actually inhibiting the work of the church and the work of the gospel. In John’s third letter, he tells us how to respond to people like that and who we should imitate.


April 14th The Outstanding Debt

Onesimus has broken the law. He has robbed his employer Philemon. Onesimus deserves to be punished. Onesimus deserves to be executed for his crimes. But Paul pleads for Philemon to show mercy to Onesimus. The reason for this mercy is the gospel itself.