A series on Philippians.

January 27th
"Be the Church"

What is the essence of the gospel? What is the essence of Jesus’ ministry? In this beautifully written poem, Paul eloquently tells us who Jesus is, and what his divinity means for us and the world around us.

February 3rd
"Learn by Example"

Do you ever wish that you had someone to show you how to do spiritual things? Your Christian walk, like most things in life would benefit if someone was modeling spiritual essentials to you. In this section, Paul gives us good examples to follow.

February 10th
"Count It as Loss"

Does prestige have a place in our Christian walk? Being a Christian does not mean that we no longer receive awards and accolades. But what do we do with those awards after we come to faith? In this testimony from Paul, we learn where humility and ministry meet in our personal history.

February 17th
"Don’t Look Back"

Have you ever finished a really long race? Maybe it was a 10k or a half-marathon. When you were trying to motivate yourself to finish it, did you look back to where you previously where or did you look forward? In this chapter Paul reminds us to look forward to what God has in store for us who finish the race.

February 24th
"Live It"

Are you anxious for what is happening in your world right now? Are you having conflict with someone? How are you supposed to deal with that? In this section Paul encourages us a final time with his practical wisdom on the matter.

March 3rd
"Joy in All Seasons"

Can we really have joy all the time? What does it look like to be content in times of need? In the conclusion of his letter, Paul shows us what it looks like to be a Christ-follower who does not base their joy on their situation.