May 28th
Prayer Lab
- Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day in the US is a day to remember the sacrifice of others.  But for Christians, worship is about remembering Jesus’ sacrifice.  One of the ways to do that is to talk with him—about the sacrifice, about the life he has given us, about anything.  So, on this Memorial Day we will treat our time of worship together as a lab experience in prayer!

June 4th
"How to Pray"

Prayer is communicating with God.  There are a lot of ways to pray.  But is there a “right” way?  How do we know what it is?  Once again, God does not leave us wondering.  He has given us guidance in how to talk to him. 

June 11th

Most of us pray by talking.  Some of us pray by singing.  But perhaps the hardest part of prayer for most people is being quiet and listening.  How do we do that?  What do we listen for?  How do we know the difference between God’s voice and our own thoughts and feelings?


June 18th
Mothers are idealized in America, while fathers are often the butt of jokes. Such jokes and stereotypes are sometimes accurate.  Like mothers, fathers are human, most striving to be the best they can be, and all falling short.  Like mothers, we are commanded to honor our fathers.  We can begin by honoring the ultimate, perfect father.