When someone says the word “Christian” today, it can mean a lot of things.  To some, it means someone who believes in God.  To others, it means you think Jesus was a real person.  To others, it is someone who “goes to church” and tries to be a “good person”.  These differences can create a lot of confusion.  It is important that we understand what “Christian” really means—and that our understanding comes from God rather than man.  In this series we explore what “Christian” means—and what it doesn’t mean—to remove that confusion both for those who own that name and those who do not. 

April 22nd
"Christian and Cross"

Many years after the resurrection, people began to use the cross as a symbol of Christianity—and of Jesus Himself.  While this must have seemed very strange to those who first saw it, the cross is indeed central not only to Jesus’ life and work, but to those who would follow him.  What does the cross represent to us today, and how do we faithfully live that out?

April 29th
"Attitude and Stinky Feet"

Sometimes Christians forget key parts of our heritage.  For example, Jesus taught his followers that if they were going to be great (in His eyes, in God’s eyes, therefore in reality) they have to learn to be everyone’s servant.  That didn’t sink in easily—not for them, not for us.  So Jesus chose an opportune time to teach them a particularly powerful lesson about service.  That lesson doesn’t resonate with us because of culture differences, but when we understand what He called us to do, wearing His name takes on a different purpose.

May 6th
"Christians Do"

The name “Christian” should communicate like a title.  “Doctor” tells us something about the person who wears that title.  “Judge” tells us something about the person who wears that title”.  We already now “Christian” doesn’t always tell us anything about the person who wears that title, but what SHOULD it tell us according to scripture?

May 13th
Mother's Day