Orange County is made up of people from many backgrounds—many different cultures.  A culture is the set of beliefs and behaviors from a particular group.  It can be geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, or based in some other defining characteristic of a group.  When asked what their cultural background is, people usually respond by saying something like “I’m American, Southern Californian (Orange County), Hispanic, middle class, etc.  But are these the groups whose beliefs and behaviors should define us if we belong to Jesus?  In this series we will explore the reality of “Christian Culture”, where we get it, and how we live it when it conflicts with the culture represented by our belonging to groups like race, country, etc.


September 30th
”We Love"

Jesus said people would know we belong to Him because of our love for one another.  Understandable when you remember that John said the very nature of God is love.  Of course, that bets a question.  What love?  Whose definition of love?  What exactly are we commanded to do?  Whether our spouse, a neighbor, a friend or an enemy, this commands pretty much covers how we respond to everyone, so it is important for us to understand what Christians do when we say “we love”.


October 7th
"We Forgive"

Christians forgive.  We don’t just talk about it, we do it.  We do it because we understand how much we have been forgiven—and that no ultimately no one has sinned worse than we have, when we understand that our sin caused the death of Jesus.  But our forgiveness of others is related to our awareness and appreciation of our own forgiveness.  It is essential for spiritual health that we understand the connection between these two.


October 14th
"We Serve"

Success is often measured by how many serve us rather than how many we serve.  This is the world’s approach.  But Jesus said very clearly we would not be like the world if we belong to Him.  So, service becomes a simple expression of love and devotion from us to Him—regardless of whom we are serving.