The Young Adults Ministry exists to facilitate that transitional stage between high school and adulthood with a healthy and supportive, gospel centered outreach.

Often, this critical stage of growth is undernourished, 
which is why Christ followers tend see a dip in their spiritual growth during this stage of life.
But at North Orange Christian Church, we understand the need to
connect with others, seek guidance, and grow in faith during this time of life. 
That is why we have created a budding ministry that aims at accomplishing such tasks.

 Who is this for? People from ages 18-29
What is our mission? To have young adults continue to carry out their faith in the Lord.
What do we do? We have monthly activities that are designed specifically for Young adults
that are aimed to inspire, create strong fellowship and community,
and overall cause spiritual growth in an individual.



Alight is a Gospel Centered Coffee Shop aimed to create a space to encounter rest
and make friendships that move one another towards a meaningful life.
We meet the last Friday of every month.

We understand that meeting new people can be stressful and unfulfilling in these difficult times,
which is why NOCC Young Adults has created an atmosphere with our in-house coffee bar that will
facilitate the fun and much needed connection we all need to grow as individuals.

Come, rest, and find needed inspiration.

Our next Alight is TBA.

Have questions? Want to get involved? Contact Callie Coe at

Check out Alight's Facebook Page!

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Young Adult Small Group

Its important for the body of Christ to meet together, and that is no acceptation for young adults. We are at a pivotal, transitional time in our lives where we need such a support and community.

Join us for the Young Adult Small Group happening Sunday Afternoons (4:30-6:30pm).

Contact Edmund a for directions and details!