At North Orange Christian Church we are committed to the mission our Lord has given us: 

"To facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ leading to lifelong discipleship"

But we can't do this if we don't actually talk about our spiritual life, or know where each other is in our relationship with the Lord. That's why we began the "Spiritual Health Assessments". The Spiritual Health Assessment is a discussion between one of the leaders of NOCC and a member of the church about where they are in their relationship to Jesus, and how they can grow.

This assessment has become one of the most important aspects of our church life, and we believe each person attending NOCC should have this assessment done at least once a year. The assessment usually consists of a meeting with one of the church leaders, and normally takes approximately one hour. It can take place at the church office, in a home, at Starbuck's or any other convenient location.

The discussion begins with a review of the concept of the different "chairs" at the Lords' table, representing different phases of growth in faith. We ask the person being assessed to identify where he sees himself, and where he would like to be. 

We then review the "Essentials" and ask the person to rate himself on a scale of 1-10 on each item (1=non existent; 10=almost perfect). Then we discuss the strengths and areas for growth, suggesting a strategy for which growth areas should be addressed first--and how!

Most people enjoy this process and find it useful to them spiritually. We hope you do! To schedule a Spiritual Health Assessment, just contact the church office and one of the leaders will contact you to set up the appointment at (714) 998 3181.


The Lord set a “table” at which he feeds us. The table has 3 chairs, each representing a group of people. Chair 1 represents the curious person, attending church but not having made a commitment to the Lord. Chair 2 represents those who have recently made a commitment to the Lord. They are enthusiastic, but immature, not yet understanding much of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Chair 3 represents those who are mature, having made a commitment to the Lord and grown through the provision of the “organic essentials” God created us to need (see the health factors below). These people are mature enough to feed themselves (vs. being “fed” by the sermons) and recognize that they are there to help those in chairs 1 and 2. 

In addition to these three chairs, there are two chairs people occupy when they choose to leave the table. One is a high chair, occupied by those who reject what is given to them and insist on having their own way (I don’t like the music, the people sitting next to me, the preaching, etc.). The time out chair represents those who have taken some time away from the Lord and/or the church. People do this for many reasons (anger, hurt, dissatisfaction, desire to hold on to a sin…), but the result is the same. They separate themselves from the Lord and his people, and typically continue to move further and further away.

Which “chair” at the Lord’s table do you believe you are occupying?

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