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The NOCC body annually spends nine days in Ecuador helping with the different needs there. In past years we have served with churches in the cities of  Sanborondon, Guayaquil and Banos de San Vicente. We have gone door to door in visitation and inviting the children to come to a program put on in the streets of their neighborhoods. We have painted murals on the side of church buildings, cleaned and painted classrooms, attended worship, helped build houses and made friends!

July 12th-20th

Cost: $2000

Interested? Come to the informational meeting Sunday, January 27th at 12:30 pm.

Questions? Call the office at 714-998-3181 or email office@nocc.org.

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Former members of NOCC
Ministering in Tijuana, Mexico

Scott August 4
Gayla June 30
Jordan December 15

Wedding Anniversary: 
October 17, 1981

March, 1980

AMOR Ministries
1664 Precision Park Lane
San Diego CA 92173
Phone: 619-662-1200
Email: gayla@amor.org
Website: www.amor.org

Since 1980, AMOR's mission has remained the same. God has called us to build his Church, and we do that by responding to the spiritual and physical poverty in the world. Our very name means love. We choose to show God's love through simple, tangible acts of service. AMOR demonstrates to the poor the same grace we all received through Jesus. We are committed to be like Christ as we provide educational and mission experiences that radically change people, eradicate spiritual and physical poverty, and impact the future of the church. As we carry out this mission, we realize that building a house isn't just providing shelter. It's a step toward Jesus and obedience to the one thing he asked us to build: HIS CHURCH.

Scott and Gayla, along with a full-time AMOR team, carry out their commitment and passion for helping the poorest of the poor in Mexico. They mobilize volunteers and work with local churches in the U.S. and Mexico to respond to the physical and spiritual poverty in Mexico. Presently, opportunities are now opening up for the building of houses in South Africa.

Our ministry is effective because of our highly interactive partnerships with pastors of local churches in Mexico, trip coordinators, and our National Advisory Board. We all share a common vision and purpose for building God's kingdom.

Our essential partners brainstorm, collaborate, implement and pray with AMOR over each area of the ministry. This allows AMOR to continually learn and grow. The result: we are able to effectively serve the individuals and families we come in contact with each day.

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