YOLO: One Hope

January 20, 2013Randy Christian

Like many of us, Peter lost hope when his expectations weren’t fulfilled. He lived in despair-but only for a short time, because God showed him what his hope is really rooted in. We need that hope too, but there is only one hope. The good news is, it is ours for the taking. Got hope?

Como muchos de nosotros, Pedro perdíó la esperanza cuando sus expectativas no se cumplieron. Vivió en la desesperanza-pero solo por poco tiempo, por que Dios le mostró en lo que su esperanza estaba sujetada en realidad. También nosotros necesitamos esa esperanza, pero solo hay una esperanza. Las buenas noticias son que es nuestra para tomarla. Tiene esperanza?


October 7, 2012Randy Christian

A generation came of age with the motto “If it feels good, do it”. Today we’re more likely to hear versions like: “Whatever works for you”, “Whatever makes you happy” or “Be true to you”. All of these are variations of the original idea—do whatever gives you pleasure. That’s what the world says. Does it work? Is it right?