The Worship Paradox

Randy Christian

How many times have we heard “I just don’t get anything out of ‘church’” or “I come to worship to be uplifted, encouraged and fed”.  But it doesn’t happen.  Why not?  Because there is a paradox to worship.  For us to “get anything out of it”, we have to quit trying to “get” something and start giving worship to God.



Randy Christian

As we enter the New Year, we need to take stock of the most important — essential — parts of our lives. Join us as we review the essentials with a new guide to rating ourselves and understanding how we should respond to the results.

Thrive Study Guide

Christmas Is - Celebration

Randy Christian

For most people, the idea of Christmas being a celebration is pretty natural. After all, we have school Christmas parties, office Christmas parties, church Christmas parties, family Christmas gatherings … and we do celebrate! However, we don’t always know what we’re celebrating, and we don’t always know the right way to celebrate. For some, Christmas celebrations are among the most stressful and depressing time of the year! This shouldn’t be— and it doesn’t have to be.

CHRISTMAS IS - Celebration Study Guide

A Greater Judgment

April 24, 2016
Randy Christian
All of us will one day stand before God. The question is, who will he be in relation to us? It is a terrifying thing to stand before the living God—when he is our judge. Jesus gave us a way to avoid this—by accepting his forgiveness. But if we don’t persevere in our faith and reliance on him, we invite that terror.


August 3, 2014Randy Christian

“Pious” isn’t a word most of us would like to have applied to us. It conjures up a picture of a “holier than thou” attitude. Yet the word just means to live according to our faith in God. So, what does “piety” really look like, and how can we have that piety without an attitude that makes it hypocritical?

Worship and Renewal

December 29, 2013Stephen Ulangca

At various times in 2013 we have focused on worship, both individual and corporate. When we truly worship, we find that it brings renewal into our lives. On the last Sunday of the year, we will focus on the twin themes of “worship” and “renewal” and experience one leading to the other as we head into 2014!

The Essentials

January 8, 2012Randy Christian

Spiritual growth is simple. There are things God has created us to have in our lives, and if we do, we grow. Simple. So why don’t we? Perhaps it is because we don’t understand that those things aren’t just “church things”—that they are related to our marriage and family life, our relationships with co-workers and success in our work, our emotions and how we handle them. No one who practices the essentials fails to grow—and no one who fails to practice them grows.

Community: The Fitting and Order Clause

July 10, 2011Stephen Ulangca

To outsiders, a gathering of Christians can be mysterious and hard to understand. Even Christians from another church may find the ways of another church strange. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But God didn’t create chaos, and he expects us to act in a way that brings honor to him. Join us as we look at the provisions of the “decency and order clause”.

Community: Men, Women and Worship

May 22, 2011Randy Christian

The Apostle Paul has often been accused of being “sexist”. Many have noted that, if Paul is sexist, then the Holy Spirit must be as well! Is this true? What is the Biblical teaching on men and women in the church? In this passage, we explore Paul’s discussion of this issue as it relates to their corporate worship. Join us as we study this and apply it to NOCC in 2011!

Memorial Day: Worship And Remembrance

May 30, 2010Randy Christian

Memorial day is set aside to remember those who have given their lives for others. Jesus honored this gift with his highest praise. This Memorial Day we will honor and remember those who made this highest expression of love-and the greatest sacrifice ever made!

The FOCUSED Life - Praise and Thanksgiving

“Praise and Thanksgiving”
November 23, 2008

Praise and Thanksgiving are not the same thing—and both are necessary to our health. Thanksgiving seems to be easy for some people, but praise is hard to do. Join us for an experience of worship through praise and thanksgiving, closing our series by focusing on praise and thanksgiving to God.


October 12, 2008

Worship is as old as our relationship with God. The way we do might change, but what it is doesn’t. We can learn from the worship of the ancients, but we have to make it our own. Join us as we explore the meaning of worship—as a congregation and as individuals—and experience worship of our God!