The Culture of Christ: "Our True Heritage"

Randy Christian

The heritage of a culture is the richness of values, beliefs and behaviors which characterize that culture.  For Christians, this means looking into the Word and understanding what God has already told us about belonging to Him.  We have a heritage—that which is passed on to us as members of the Culture of Christ.  We need to understand it, cherish it and live by it.

THE CULTURE OF CHRIST - Our True Heritage study guide

Parables of Jesus: "Assumptions"

Randy Christian

It is easy to make assumptions based on our own experiences — particular assumptions about our personal lives. But we all know assumptions can get us in trouble, and it is dangerous to assume without checking it out.

PARABLES OF JESUS - Assumptions Study Guide

What's Going On? - Perspective

Randy Christian

God promises several times in The Word that He will never give us more than we can handle, and that all things occur for the good. How, then, can we rationalize these facts when we face terrors such as cancer, war, death, and loss? It all boils down to perspective. We are humans, and, thus, we cannot see all that is happening or will happen. God is the only omnipresent being with the divine perspective. He knows all and sees all. This week, let us take the back seat and look at our lives through God’s perspective.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Perspective Study Guide

What's Going On? - The Vote

Randy Christian

All we see on the television, hear about in the news, and read on Facebook is the big political race. This November, America will be electing a new president. With so many hot topics that each candidate is addressing, how is the Christian body supposed to address such heated situations with God in mind? Where are we even supposed to stand politically? Join us Sunday to find out.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - The Vote Study Guide

NOT OF THIS WORLD: The Rest of the World

July 7, 2013Randy Christian

It is one thing to understand how people of the Kingdom of God are to interact with the world around them. But what about the world that is far away? What about those we have never met? Do we have responsibility to them as well? And what is that responsibility? Join us for an exploration of our mission to The Rest of the World!

NOT OF THIS WORLD: Homosexual Love

June 23, 2013Randy Christian

Few issues have separated people in America like the “equal rights” discussion. The Supreme Court is due to announce a decision on the legality of homosexual marriage. It will not tell us whether homosexual marriage is right, or how Christians should respond to this issue. For that we have to go to God’s word, and then we have to live it. What are out King’s views, and how should we express them?

Amor Homosexual
Pocos temas han separado a personas en Estados Unidos como la discusión de “igualdad de derechos”. El Tribunal Supremo próximamente anunciara una decisión sobre la legalidad del matrimonio homosexual. No nos dirá si el matrimonio homosexual es correcto, o cómo los Cristianos deberían responder a esta cuestión. Para eso tenemos que ir a la palabra de Dios, y entonces tenemos que vivirlo. ¿Cuáles son las opiniones de nuestro Rey, y cómo debemos expresarlas?


June 9, 2013Randy Christian

If “Christian” means something explicitly different than others in the world, how then do we relate to those others? Are we to be “tolerant”, as the world tell us? If we condemn sin, are we “haters” and “bigots”? And what if those “others” are people we know and love?

Nosotros Y Ellos
Si “Cristiano” significa algo explícitamente diferente que otros en el mundo, ¿Cómo, entonces nos relacionamos con los otros? ¿Vamos a ser “tolerante”, como el mundo nos dice? ¿Si condenamos el pecado, somos “enemigos” y “fanáticos”? Y ¿Qué pasa si esos “otros” son personas que conocemos y queremos?

YOLO: One Holiness

January 27, 2013Randy Christian

Peter is a saint, but not how or why most of the world thinks he is. “Saintly” is a synonym for holy. And the common view of holiness is based on worldly values and beliefs. Peter knew better, and we can too. There is only one holiness and it isn’t reserved for “special” people (because there are none!). Sainthood is for you!

Pedro es un santo, pero no cómo o por qué la mayor parte del mundo cree que es. “Piadoso” es un sinónimo de santo. Y la opinión común de la santidad se basa en los valores del mundo y creencias. Pedro entendía esto y nosotros también podemos. Solo hay una santidad y no esta reservada para personas “especiales” (por que no hay). La santidad es para ti!

The "A" Word

November 18, 2012Randy Christian

“Authority” can be a great word, or the “A” word, depending on whether you happen to be the one using the authority or having to submit to it. In the world, we want to be on top—get ahead (of others)—and be independent. But Jesus said we should be servants, and Paul said we are to submit to one another as though we were submitting to Jesus himself. So how do I really follow the Lord when it comes to accountability to others?

WHY BE NORMAL? Life and Death

November 4, 2012Randy Christian

Is there life after death? Do you have to believe that to be a Christian? And what will that life be like? And who gets it? And why? Doesn’t God love everyone? Doesn’t that mean we’re all going to be ok? Aren’t the people who were close to us looking over us? In the world, virtually every belief is embraced, for the simple reason that you believe it. Does that make it true? What does a Christian believe about Life and Death?


October 21, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone wants enough money to live on, but how much is “enough”? Everyone wants their kids to be better off than they are, right? People in the world and people who claim to belong to the Lord all seem to clamor after the quickest and surest way to get wealthy. Churches teach us it is a worthy goal—one God wants to help us with—and how to reach it. With wealth comes power and success, or at least the perception of success. Is it the success we want?


October 14, 2012Randy Christian

The difference between the world and the church on the subject of marriage is so great today that the first thing a preacher has to do is define what marriage is. The temptation to go with the world’s definition—and its attitudes and practices—is huge. But the world’s success rate isn’t very inspiring. Are we any different?

WHY BE NORMAL? Be Different!

September 9, 2012Randy Christian

From the early days of the Church, Christians have struggled with the knowledge that we are different. The problem is, we don’t really like being different. We want to fit in, to be like others around us, and too often we allow those others to slowly reshape us to look just like them. Paul challenges us to stop this, and instead to be reshaped from the inside out by the one we belong to!

THAT'S WHAT HE SAID: The Sheep and the Goats

June 24, 2012Randy Christian

“There are two kinds of people in this world…” In the end, that’s what it will come down to. Which kind will we be? Some worry about this and some don’t. None of us should—because we can decide which one we’ll be. In this story, Jesus tells us what could be the most important thing we’ll ever hear—how to be sure we’re the right kind of person when He comes back!


April 1, 2012Randy Christian

April 1 is a day Foolishness reigns! Practical jokes and jokesters are the expectation, and everyone wants to be in a position to call out “April Fool” if they catch someone in their joke. But the scriptures talk about foolishness too. The world thinks the gospel is foolishness. But what is really foolish? The gospel, or someone rejecting it?

Missions Sunday: Is It All About Us?

December 5, 2010Randy Christian

The commission Jesus gave his apostles, and they passed on to us, was to make disciples of all peoples. He told his disciples they would be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the rest of the world. In our terms that would mean starting in Orange, then OC, then SoCal—but it still ends with the rest of the world. This Sunday we’ll hear why that is so important, and how we can be part of it!