POP MUSIC: I Don't Feel Him

July 21, 2013Randy Christian

“I just don’t feel close to God anymore”. We’ve all felt this–probably even said it. Sometimes we wonder what happened, other times we wonder why He has abandoned us. This experience isn’t new–and was in fact a common theme in Hebrew music. “I Don’t Feel Him” doesn’t have to be the last word!


June 9, 2013Randy Christian

If “Christian” means something explicitly different than others in the world, how then do we relate to those others? Are we to be “tolerant”, as the world tell us? If we condemn sin, are we “haters” and “bigots”? And what if those “others” are people we know and love?

Nosotros Y Ellos
Si “Cristiano” significa algo explícitamente diferente que otros en el mundo, ¿Cómo, entonces nos relacionamos con los otros? ¿Vamos a ser “tolerante”, como el mundo nos dice? ¿Si condenamos el pecado, somos “enemigos” y “fanáticos”? Y ¿Qué pasa si esos “otros” son personas que conocemos y queremos?

MYTHBUSTERS: God Wants Us To Be Happy

April 21, 2013Randy Christian

I hear so many people tell me “God wants me to be happy, doesn’t he?” This is almost always said by someone trying to justify a decision or behavior he knows is wrong. So is it true? Doesn’t God want me to be happy? And if he does, doesn’t he want me to do what it takes to make that happen? Does God want me to be happy, or is that a myth?

Dios Quiere Que Seamos Felices
Muchas personas me dicen “Dios quiere que sea feliz, no?” Eso casi siempre es dicho por alguien tratando de justificar una mala decisión o malo comportamiento. ¿Es cierto? ¿No Dios quiere que yo sea feliz? ¿Y si es cierto, no quiere El que yo haga todo posible para que eso suceda? ¿Dios quiere que yo sea feliz, o es un mito?


March 4, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone loves. Everyone wants to love. Everyone wants to be loved. Love occupies much of our thoughts, our arts, our lives. And yet love is so easily misunderstood. Ask 20 different people to describe love and you’ll get 20 different answers, because we tend to see love as a projection of ourselves. But it isn’t. Love isn’t from us—it is from God, and the only way to truly love is to experience His love.