Letters For Living: "The Outstanding Debt"

Edmund Brooks

Onesimus has broken the law. He has robbed his employer Philemon. Onesimus deserves to be punished. Onesimus deserves to be executed for his crimes. But Paul pleads for Philemon to show mercy to Onesimus. The reason for this mercy is the gospel itself.

LETTERS FOR LIVING - The Outstanding Debt study guide

Ancient Tweets: "Forgiveness"

Randy Christian

It’s not easy to forgive someone who has hurt us.  But when we do something to hurt others, we want to be forgiven.  And above all, we want God to forgive our sins.  Does that just happen, or do we have something to do with forgiveness?  Many have opinions on this, but the one whose opinion we need to know is the one whose forgiveness we seek.  What has God said?

ANCIENT TWEETS - Forgiveness study guide

What's In A Name?: "Practicing Jesus"

Randy Christian

With those who call themselves Christian split into so many denominations today, any organization wanting to unite them has to come up with some idea of who is and who is not a Christian.  One organization came up with the idea that anyone who accepted Jesus as Lord should be considered Christian.  The problem with that is that Jesus said “no”.  In this study we explore what He said about those who belong to Him, and what that might look like for us today.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? - Practicing Jesus study guide

Christian?: "What is 'Christian'?"

Randy Christian

Surveys consistently show 75-80% of the people in the US consider themselves “Christian”.  Of course, those surveys fail to define what they mean by “Christian”.  Is there a clear definition of “Christian”?  Is one person’s opinion as good as another’s?  We believe there is an authoritative answer to “What is Christian?”, and it is found in scripture.

CHRISTIAN? What is "Christian"? study guide

Christmas Is - Forgiveness

Randy Christian

So, do you struggle with forgiveness? Most people would see forgiveness as part of the “Christmas spirit”. But do they understand that forgiveness is actually the design of the original Christmas? Grace and Trust are given by Jesus and by us— and the result of that is forgiveness. When we understand that, we celebrate differently, because we are aware of the gift God has given us. AND we are able to pass that gift on to others because we have received it first!

CHRISTMAS IS - Forgiveness Study Guide

What's Going On? - Obsession

Randy Christian

Obsession typically has a negative connotation, but the truth is that it can be good or bad. Depending on how its used, it can be a driving force to bring us closer to God or a force that distances ourselves from Him and everyone else around us. It could cause us to sin. So what does the difference look like? Let’s take an inside look on what obsession looks like biblically.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Obsession Study Guide

Jesus Is Greater Than Sin

February 7, 2016
Edmund Brooks
Our society, like the Jews of the first century, is plagued by the twin threats: Sin and Unbelief (lack of faith). God has freed us from sin, but we so easily believe the lie that it can provide us what we want and need. And God has given us the ability to have faith. We can’t afford to let go of what he has given!

POP MUSIC: Sin and Forgiveness

August 4, 2013Randy Christian

The pain of sin and guilt is among the most devastating we experience–and forgiveness is the biggest need we have–and have had for thousands of years. Hebrew music addressed the need to learn as well as to express feelings–and it did so in a brutally honest way. Even the King of Psalmists was honest about his sin, and he teaches the rest of us how to avoid his pain.


June 9, 2013Randy Christian

If “Christian” means something explicitly different than others in the world, how then do we relate to those others? Are we to be “tolerant”, as the world tell us? If we condemn sin, are we “haters” and “bigots”? And what if those “others” are people we know and love?

Nosotros Y Ellos
Si “Cristiano” significa algo explícitamente diferente que otros en el mundo, ¿Cómo, entonces nos relacionamos con los otros? ¿Vamos a ser “tolerante”, como el mundo nos dice? ¿Si condenamos el pecado, somos “enemigos” y “fanáticos”? Y ¿Qué pasa si esos “otros” son personas que conocemos y queremos?

Treasure in Christ

January 6, 2013Edmund Brooks

We need to strive to love God above everything else. That was His intention when he made us. The fall ruined this for us, but Jesus’ death on the cross paid the way for us to return to this love! To do this, we have to be honest with ourselves and search our hearts to see if we really do love God above all else. And if you are not yet a Christian, taste and see that Jesus can give you joy that you have never known before!

DECATHLON: Broken Vows

August 5, 2012Randy Christian

Adultery is a serious problem—especially in our society. But why is adultery such a big deal? Sure, it’s wrong, but is it more wrong than anything else—or more destructive? Join us as we understand why adultery is so devastating—and how it can be forgiven and healed!

SO WHAT? There Is Freedom

April 15, 2012Randy Christian

Freedom is important to Americans. We glorify those who fight for it. But is that how we become free? We all know a lot of Americans who have a kind of freedom, but live their lives enslaved to guilt, drugs, bad relationships, or just their own sin. We don’t have to be enslaved to such things. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can have real freedom!

Balderdash: Atonement

April 10, 2011Randy Christian

As we continue our series on words which communicate major aspects of our faith, we come to a word understood by all, and yet not really understood at all. What is “atonement”? What would be different if there was no atonement? And understanding this, what should our response be?

Community: Is Sex Sin?

March 13, 2011Randy Christian

Sex is one of the most powerful forces driving us as individuals, shaping our relationships, and influencing our society. It isn’t hard to see that our society’s values are not healthy, but what do we put in their place? Come look into Paul’s teaching on sexual relationships.

To Believe And Live: Is Sin Real?

April 25, 2010Randy Christian

Sin is sin, right? Do we really believe that? Are some sins worse than others? If so, does that mean some people are worse than others? How we answer these questions will determine how we see other people—and have a lot to do with how we see God.

Does God Really Care...About Sin?

June 7, 2009Jeremy Lee

Sin. No one even talks about sin any more—except people in churches. Isn’t it a bit outdated? Sure, there are people who are really sick—terrorists, psychopaths—but most of us are basically pretty good aren’t we? Things that used to be considered wrong are now defended—even by our government! And do we really have a right to look at what anyone else does? Maybe our notion of sin is outdated. Does God really care about sin?

Palm Sunday: The Price of Freeom

April 5, 2009Dr. Randy Christian

A relationship with Jesus brings freedom from sin, from our selves, from the restrictions others would put on us. But we need to remember this freedom didn’t come cheaply. Jesus paid a great price for our freedom. Why, and how did that price purchase our freedom?