Christmas People: "Mary"

Randy Christian

When we think of the people we associate with Christmas, several are likely to come to everyone’s mind—and one of these has to be Mary.  When we realize who Mary actually was, and put ourselves in her place as she discovered she was pregnant with the Messiah, we not only grow in our respect for her, but in our ability to learn from her.

CHRISTMAS PEOPLE - Mary study guide

Escape: "Change"

Randy Christian

Change is often difficult for people.  It is almost impossible for an entire kingdom.  But because of Jonah’s prophecy against the Assyrian capital, Nineveh repented!  Real repentance brings change, and God can see the change both in our behavior and in our hearts.  God’s response to this repentance is predictable—and comforting.

ESCAPE - Change study guide

Community: The Problem With Freedom

March 27, 2011Randy Christian

Not too many of us are concerned about eating meat sacrificed to idols. But Paul’s discussion of this issue sheds light on how we should look at each other, and how we should be careful in using the freedom we have in Christ. What freedom do we really have? What are our “idols”, and who exactly is the “weaker brother”? Join us as we look to the Word for answers.

To Believe And Live: Spiritual Freedom

May 16, 2010Randy Christian

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!” This is one of the most quoted statements in history—and one of the least understood. How exactly does the truth free us? Is it automatic? Is it for everyone?
What exactly is knowing the truth?

Mother's Day: The Maternal Side Of God

May 9, 2010Randy Christian

We have all heard about God the Father, but what about God the Mother? Is this just some attempt by extremists to undermine the true teaching of the Word of God, or is there something to it? We sometimes get so caught up in how we experience creation that we forget God is not like us. This Mother’s Day join us as we look at what God himself says about his maternal side!

To Believe And Live: The Light Of The World

May 2, 2010Randy Christian

Jesus described himself in many ways. One of them is “light”. But he doesn’t say his is light. He says he is THE light of the world. In saying this, Jesus was making two statements—one about himself, the other about the implications of who he is on our lives. The fact that HE is THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD makes a difference in who we are!

To Believe And Live: Is Sin Real?

April 25, 2010Randy Christian

Sin is sin, right? Do we really believe that? Are some sins worse than others? If so, does that mean some people are worse than others? How we answer these questions will determine how we see other people—and have a lot to do with how we see God.

To Believe And Live: Who Is This Guy?

April 18, 2010Jeremy Lee

Not long into his ministry, Jesus had become so well known that he couldn’t go anywhere without people recognizing him—and talking about who he was. We do the same thing today. Is he a good man? Is he a prophet? Is he a deceiver or is he who he says he is? These are good questions, and the answers determine how we respond to him—and what relationship we will have with him.

To Believe And Live: Are You Leaving Too?

April 11, 2010Randy Christian

What makes people follow Jesus? What makes them turn their back on him? Sometimes the answer is Jesus himself. His teachings, his statements, his demands on our lives—all these can be reasons for people to turn away from Him. But we don’t have to be one of those people.

Easter Sunday: Hope For Change

April 4, 2010Randy Christian

Many of us are looking for change—for something to be different, and better. Easter celebrates the biggest and most important change in human history. The Easter story is about what God did to change the course of human history—and potentially of each individual human life. There is hope, and it is found in the Easter event!