Prayer: "Listening"

Randy Christian

Most of us pray by talking.  Some of us pray by singing.  But perhaps the hardest part of prayer for most people is being quiet and listening.  How do we do that?  What do we listen for?  How do we know the difference between God’s voice and our own thoughts and feelings?

PRAYER - Listening study guide

What's Going On? - Obsession

Randy Christian

Obsession typically has a negative connotation, but the truth is that it can be good or bad. Depending on how its used, it can be a driving force to bring us closer to God or a force that distances ourselves from Him and everyone else around us. It could cause us to sin. So what does the difference look like? Let’s take an inside look on what obsession looks like biblically.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Obsession Study Guide

What's Going On? - Keeping the Peace

Randy Christian

It is easy to combat others who disagree with out mindset and lifestyles, especially when those reactions come out during times of turmoil and fear. However, we are called to be loving neighbors and peacemakers to all. How do we do such a task when we entirely disagree with what another says or does? Join us to discover how to keep the peace by looking to our Savior as the divine example.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Keeping the Peace Study Guide

What's Going On? - Morality

Randy Christian

In general, the Christian body strives to maintain a sense of “good” and “morality” within their homes; however, sometimes that task becomes a bit more trying when it comes to morality within the world. We want to be difference makers, but in a world so different from The Kingdom, how are we to behave and represent the Lord? Sometimes, what is asked from us biblically and secularity are different; what do we do?

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Morality Study Guide

I BELIEVE - In The End Times

June 22, 2014Randy Christian

Jesus is coming back! The world is going to end! Prepare for the end of the World! People who carry signs with these words, yelling out to those around them are generally considered to be mentally ill in our society. But are the signs right? What do we know about the end of all things? How should we respond to this? What we believe about the end will dictate how we live today, so join us as we focus on the end times!

CHRISTMAS CAROL: Mary, Did You Know?

December 8, 2013Randy Christian

Among the most popular modern Christmas songs, “Mary Did You Know” focuses on Mary, and a more human Mary at that. The song explores the Christmas event from Mary’s perspective. As popular as it is, does the song accurately reflect what scripture says about Mary and Jesus? Join us as we explore “Mary Did You Know?”

NOT OF THIS WORLD: Homosexual Love

June 23, 2013Randy Christian

Few issues have separated people in America like the “equal rights” discussion. The Supreme Court is due to announce a decision on the legality of homosexual marriage. It will not tell us whether homosexual marriage is right, or how Christians should respond to this issue. For that we have to go to God’s word, and then we have to live it. What are out King’s views, and how should we express them?

Amor Homosexual
Pocos temas han separado a personas en Estados Unidos como la discusión de “igualdad de derechos”. El Tribunal Supremo próximamente anunciara una decisión sobre la legalidad del matrimonio homosexual. No nos dirá si el matrimonio homosexual es correcto, o cómo los Cristianos deberían responder a esta cuestión. Para eso tenemos que ir a la palabra de Dios, y entonces tenemos que vivirlo. ¿Cuáles son las opiniones de nuestro Rey, y cómo debemos expresarlas?

MYTHBUSTERS: God Will Take Care of You

April 7, 2013Randy Christian

A Sunday school teacher once asked why we are teaching our kids things that just aren’t true. He was referring to a curriculum for four year olds. The theme to be reenforced by the teachers was: “God will take care of you”. The idea, of course, was to help the children feel safe and secure in God’s love and care. The problem? Even the Sunday school teacher could see that God doesn’t always “take care” of us. People are hurt–even little children. So is this true, or is it just another myth?

Dios Te Cuidara
Un maestro de Escuela Dominical preguntó una vez por qué estamos enseñando a nuestros hijos cosas que no son verdaderas. Se refería a un plan de estudios para alumnos de 4 años. El tema siendo reforzado por los maestros era: “Dios Te Cuidara”. La idea, por supuesto, era ayudar a los niños sentirse seguros en el amor y cuidado de Dios. ¿El problema? Hasta el maestro podía ver que Dios no siempre “nos cuidara”. La gente está lastimada; hasta los niños pequeños. Entonces, esto es verdad o solo un mito?

YOLO: One Holiness

January 27, 2013Randy Christian

Peter is a saint, but not how or why most of the world thinks he is. “Saintly” is a synonym for holy. And the common view of holiness is based on worldly values and beliefs. Peter knew better, and we can too. There is only one holiness and it isn’t reserved for “special” people (because there are none!). Sainthood is for you!

Pedro es un santo, pero no cómo o por qué la mayor parte del mundo cree que es. “Piadoso” es un sinónimo de santo. Y la opinión común de la santidad se basa en los valores del mundo y creencias. Pedro entendía esto y nosotros también podemos. Solo hay una santidad y no esta reservada para personas “especiales” (por que no hay). La santidad es para ti!


December 23, 2012Randy Christian

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. We have all heard the story many times. Have we heard the story correctly? Is the Christmas story we’ve heard true? How do we know? This week we look at the scriptural text and what it actually says about Jesus’ birth, so that we celebrate the true birth of Jesus!


December 2, 2012Randy Christian

Who begat who-or is it whom? One of the more mind-numbing sections of scripture are the genealogies-the documentation of family lineages. Why did the Holy Spirit preserve such passages as these in scripture? And what does this passage have to do with Jesus? Join us as we explore Jesus’ family tree and learn why it is important to us.