POP MUSIC: Righteous

July 14, 2013Randy Christian

The music of the Hebrews wasn’t the same as ours—but just as ours is important and popular to us, so theirs was to them. Pop Music is a series of sermons on selected Psalms which give us a glimpse into what was important in their lives—beginning with how to live.

YOLO: One Suffering

February 17, 2013Randy Christian

Suffering is a hard sell. Not many of us would see suffering as a positive thing. But sometimes it is necessary. Everyone who has heard of Jesus knows of his suffering-in fact the cross is probably the most recognized symbol in the world-the symbol of his suffering. So, what has that got to do with us? And why do we need to understand his suffering to live our lives?

Un Sufrimiento
El sufrimiento es un asunto difícil de discutir. No muchos de nosotros vemos el sufrimiento como algo positivo. Pero a veces es necesario. Todo el que ha oído hablar de Jesús sabe de su sufrimiento, de hecho la Cruz es probablemente el símbolo más reconocido en el mundo – el símbolo de su sufrimiento. Así que, ¿qué tiene que ver eso con nosotros? Y, ¿por qué necesitamos entender su sufrimiento para vivir nuestras vidas?

THAT'S WHAT HE SAID: The Difference of 1

May 13, 2012Randy Christian

Ever hear the saying, “Only a mother could love him”? She got that from God. Sometimes we get so lost in the crowd we wonder if God could care about us. “He’s too busy to worry about me”. But He isn’t. If someone belongs to Him, He cares. This week we listen to Jesus’ story about how much God cares for each one of us!