The Culture of Christ: "We Love"

Randy Christian

Jesus said people would know we belong to Him because of our love for one another.  Understandable when you remember that John said the very nature of God is love.  Of course, that bets a question.  What love?  Whose definition of love?  What exactly are we commanded to do?  Whether our spouse, a neighbor, a friend or an enemy, this commands pretty much covers how we respond to everyone, so it is important for us to understand what Christians do when we say “we love”.

THE CULTURE OF CHRIST - We Love study guide

Change of Heart: "Civil Disagreement"

Randy Christian

One of the most difficult things for people to do in the US today is to disagree without being personally attacking.  With electronic communication over personal, and people of all generations and backgrounds struggling with the use of appropriate “filters”, those with Jesus’ heart have to learn the balance Jesus’ mastered between loving people and condemning their behavior.

CHANGE OF HEART - Civil Disagreement study guide

Knowing Jesus: "Real Knowledge"

Randy Christian

Colossians 1:1-14
We all know of people who are in the news—people who are known to many others in the world.  We know about them, form opinions about them—but do we really know them?  There is a big difference between knowing about someone, and knowing them.  This difference is especially important in our relationship to Jesus.  Knowing Jesus is not the same as knowing about Him!

KNOWING JESUS - Real Knowledge study guide

Parables of Jesus: "A Debt of Love"

Randy Christian

NOCC’s mission statement says we are here to facilitate a “passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Of course, not everyone demonstrates passion the same way— but everyone understands when they are feeling passion and when they are not. What’s the key to having this passion in our lives? Jesus explains it when he links the love we have for God with the experiences we have of forgiveness.

PARABLES OF JESUS - A Debt of Love Study Guide


January 4, 2015Randy Christian

NOCC exists to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship. We have heard this restated many times in the last year—because it is the reason we exist! But what does that mean for each of us individually? What part of this is for the “staff” or the “leadership”? And what does the average person in the body do to fulfill this mission?


September 9, 2012Randy Christian

Many in our country see September as the beginning of a new year. As the fall comes and summer ends our focus needs to be on our relationship with the Lord. At NOCC we understand that God made us with an inherent need for relationship with him—and he provided the essential nutrients we need for that relationship.


June 17, 2012Randy Christian

When your father asked you to do something, did you say “yes” or “no”? And did you do it? Jesus understood family dynamics and applied them to our relationship with God. On this Father’s Day we will look at his story about two sons and how we can choose which one we’ll be!

SO WHAT? There Is Freedom

April 15, 2012Randy Christian

Freedom is important to Americans. We glorify those who fight for it. But is that how we become free? We all know a lot of Americans who have a kind of freedom, but live their lives enslaved to guilt, drugs, bad relationships, or just their own sin. We don’t have to be enslaved to such things. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can have real freedom!


February 19, 2012Randy Christian

Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed to be one way? How does that feel? Most of us value being in relationships that are reflexive—that go two ways. The Bible tells us where to find those relationships and how to practice them!

Life Together: Start Here

September 12, 2010Randy Christian

When we talk about having “a relationship with Jesus” we try to understand it by looking at the relationships closest to us—friends, family members. But maybe it should be the other way around. Perhaps we can best understand and enter into relationships with others only when our relationship with Jesus is strong. As we begin the Life Together series, we start with our relationship with Jesus himself!

Freedom from "gods"

March 15, 2009Randy Christian

(Galatians 4:8-20)

Who is God and who is not? What is God, and what is not? There are many counterfeits, but only one God. A relationship with God brings freedom, but giving ourselves to “gods” only enslaves us. Ours don’t look the same as the ones in Galatia 2000 years ago, but they haven’t changed that much. Join us as we look at the freedom God gives us from “gods”.