Parables of Jesus: "The New and the Old"

Randy Christian

Change can be welcomes or dreaded. But change does come, and, when it does, it often affects far more than what we are hoping for. Sometimes, when change needs to happen, it needs to happen broadly. How can we tell? And how can we handle the good changes?

PARABLES OF JESUS - The New and the Old Study Guide

What's Going On? - Aftermath

Randy Christian

It’s extremely important how we behave after this election. To the Lord, to others, and to us. In fact, how we behave is either an act of worship to the Lord or an act of refusal to worship him. What’s the difference? We’ll explore that this week as we worship together and look at the “Aftermath”.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Aftermath Study Guide

What's Going On? - Keeping the Peace

Randy Christian

It is easy to combat others who disagree with out mindset and lifestyles, especially when those reactions come out during times of turmoil and fear. However, we are called to be loving neighbors and peacemakers to all. How do we do such a task when we entirely disagree with what another says or does? Join us to discover how to keep the peace by looking to our Savior as the divine example.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Keeping the Peace Study Guide

The ADVENTure - Peace

Randy ChristianThe ADVENTure
December 7, 2008

Very few people would say peace is a bad thing. We talk about it. We plan for it. We believe it is a good thing. But we don’t all have it. The world is in turmoil—the opposite of peace—and has been for as long as historians can describe. So, what hope do we have for peace—real, lasting, deep peace? The only one who can make peace a reality is the one who created a peaceful world to begin with. Join us as we learn about real peace, and how it comes to us.