New: "New Destination"

Edmund Brooks

Many of us have goals in life. Whether it is to graduate high school, land your dream job, or retire comfortably, everyone has a goal “destination” in sight. But when you come to Christ, you are given a new destination and a new means to get there.

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New: "New Family"

Edmund Brooks

When you become a Christian you become a part of God’s family. God is now your father and the people of God are now your brothers and sisters. How does that work out practically? How do we live with family that is not Christian? How do we live with this new family in the church? These are the questions we hope to answer this week.

NEW - New Family study guide

YOLO: A New One

March 10, 2013Randy Christian

If we only live once, we can’t afford to blow it! But we do. So, what happens when we need to change? How do we become new? Peter experienced this and through him the Holy Spirit tells us how we can become new.

Una Nueva
¡Si sólo vivimos una vez, no podemos cometer errores! Pero lo hacemos. ¿Entonces, qué pasa cuando necesitamos cambiar? ¿Cómo nos convertimos en nuevas personas? Pedro experimento esto y a través de él el Espíritu Santo nos dice cómo podemos llegar a ser nuevas personas.


January 1, 2012
The scriptures say that, when we come to the Lord, we are a new creation. But what then? Even after we know Jesus we still fail, we still muddy ourselves with our own sin. Even then, renewal is available to us. On the first day of 2012 we will worship together and submit to our Lord—and we start the new year as new creations once again.