Christmas People: "Mary"

Randy Christian

When we think of the people we associate with Christmas, several are likely to come to everyone’s mind—and one of these has to be Mary.  When we realize who Mary actually was, and put ourselves in her place as she discovered she was pregnant with the Messiah, we not only grow in our respect for her, but in our ability to learn from her.

CHRISTMAS PEOPLE - Mary study guide


May 11, 2014Randy Christian

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a tool for florists and candy makers. Christians are commanded to “honor our mothers and fathers”. How do we do that? On Mother’s Day we will look at what mothers were created to be, how that reflects the glory of God, and what that should mean to how we live our life!

THAT'S WHAT HE SAID: The Difference of 1

May 13, 2012Randy Christian

Ever hear the saying, “Only a mother could love him”? She got that from God. Sometimes we get so lost in the crowd we wonder if God could care about us. “He’s too busy to worry about me”. But He isn’t. If someone belongs to Him, He cares. This week we listen to Jesus’ story about how much God cares for each one of us!

Mother's Day: The Maternal Side Of God

May 9, 2010Randy Christian

We have all heard about God the Father, but what about God the Mother? Is this just some attempt by extremists to undermine the true teaching of the Word of God, or is there something to it? We sometimes get so caught up in how we experience creation that we forget God is not like us. This Mother’s Day join us as we look at what God himself says about his maternal side!