PRACTICING JESUS: Walking in the Light

January 22, 2012Randy Christian

To walk in the light isn’t a matter of one step. It is a decision to follow Jesus and live as he wants us to and has told us to. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen in the darkness. The truth is, the only way to follow Jesus is to walk in the light.


December 4, 2011Randy Christian

Every year the coming of Christmas is accompanied by so many people climbing up ladders and hanging lights on their houses. Some hang a few strands, others blanket their houses with them. But what do these lights have to do with Christmas? Christmas lights are more than a tradition—they remind us of key elements of the Christmas story. Or do they? Join us as we explore how Christmas decorations add or detract to our focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

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To Believe And Live: The Light Of The World

May 2, 2010Randy Christian

Jesus described himself in many ways. One of them is “light”. But he doesn’t say his is light. He says he is THE light of the world. In saying this, Jesus was making two statements—one about himself, the other about the implications of who he is on our lives. The fact that HE is THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD makes a difference in who we are!