March 18, 2012Randy Christian

When you finish a letter, you tend to make sure the things you wanted to say are said in the end. Join us as we see John’s wrap-up and its application in prayer, mutual accountability and by practicing the life of faith.

PRACTICING JESUS: Walking in the Light

January 22, 2012Randy Christian

To walk in the light isn’t a matter of one step. It is a decision to follow Jesus and live as he wants us to and has told us to. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen in the darkness. The truth is, the only way to follow Jesus is to walk in the light.


January 15, 2012Randy Christian

The last living Apostle wrote a letter to all who follow Jesus. He spoke with authority and with clarity, and we said some things we need to hear. He spoke of those who say they follow Jesus and those who don’t. He explained that the Christian life is one of continued practice and growth. So, we begin our study of what it is to practice Jesus with an understanding of The Word of Life.

To Believe And Live: The End

August 29, 2010Randy Christian

John wrote his gospel for one reason, that those of us who read it would believe, and believing have life in Jesus. Now that we’ve studied through the gospel of John we need to ask a simple question. Do we believe? Do we have life? What kind of life has he given us?