February 15, 2015Randy Christian

Throughout the world, Job is known for his patience. Ironic, because if you read what he said about his experiences, he wasn’t all that patient. Who was this guy, and why did all this happen to him? How did he respond, and ultimately, what lessons does the Holy Spirit have for us from the book of Job? We invite you to join us as we begin a 6 part series call “Real People”, exploring actual people from the Bible who have become legendary, but who actually were just like you and me.


May 19, 2013Randy Christian

I want to know if this is the man I should marry! I am praying for God to tell me whether or not I should take this job. I am trying to decide whether to move, but don’t know if it is God’s will. I know I should be serving in the church, but I don’t know what God wants me to do! Any of these sound familiar? All of them make one basic assumption–God has a specific will for our lives, but we have to discover it! Is this true, or is it just a myth?

Quiero saber si este es el hombre con quien me debo casar! Estoy orando para que Dios me diga si debo tomar este trabajo o no. Estoy tratando de decidir si deba moverme, pero no sé si es la voluntad de Dios. Sé que debo estar sirviendo en la iglesia, pero no sé lo que Dios quiere que yo haga! ¿Algunas de esas preguntas suenan familiares? Todas esas preguntas hacen un supuesto básico–Dios tiene una voluntad específica para nuestras vidas, pero tenemos que descubrirla! ¿Es esto cierto, o es sólo un mito?