What's Going On? - Gender

Randy Christian

It seems, now more so than ever, that the issue with gender identity among individuals is on the rise. With such a prominent situation being addressed on the daily news, in the schools, and in our work spaces, how are we, as a congregation, supposed to address gender identity and those who have been questioning their own? 

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Gender Study Guide


December 16, 2012Randy Christian

Who can understand God’s ways? He isn’t like us-and he doesn’t do the things we would do. The incarnation is the fact that God himself became flesh and lived with us. Why would he do this? And why is it so important to us?

The ADVENTure - Love

Randy ChristianThe ADVENTure
December 14, 2008

Christmas is a time we talk a lot about love, but not everyone experiences it. What is this love we talk about? Is it real? Does the Christmas event really have to do with love? If so, why don’t we experience it more? Join us as we look at the most important human response, and the paradox that the greatest lack of love is what released real love in our world.