Community: "Can We Handle This?"

Randy Christian

When a community is strong, its members are not self-centered.  Rather, they voluntarily put others—and the community as a whole—as a priority.  Jesus made it clear that service both in this community and to those in the world was essential to Christian community.

COMMUNITY - Can We Handle This? study guide

Parables of Jesus: "Good Neighbors"

Randy Christian

So who exactly is this “neighbor” I’m supposed to love the way I love myself? How do I know? And what does that “love” look like? Your neighbor just may be someone you don’t like, and have trouble seeing yourself “loving”. But God can change all that and give you the ability to love your neighbors!

PARABLES OF JESUS - Good Neighbors Study Guide


February 2, 2014Randy Christian

Sometimes, to stand by someone requires addressing uncomfortable issues. When this happens we learn whether we care enough about that person to confront issues that are harming them. But we don’t have to confront people! In this study we look at how (and why!) to confront issues while standing by and encouraging people.