July 6, 2014Randy Christian

The pursuit of happiness is a right, according to the American founding fathers. So, why are so many people unhappy? Does it matter? Jesus began his first major public teaching with a set of statements that were–and still are–contradictory to what most of the world believes about how to be happy and “blessed”.

MYTHBUSTERS: God Wants Us To Be Happy

April 21, 2013Randy Christian

I hear so many people tell me “God wants me to be happy, doesn’t he?” This is almost always said by someone trying to justify a decision or behavior he knows is wrong. So is it true? Doesn’t God want me to be happy? And if he does, doesn’t he want me to do what it takes to make that happen? Does God want me to be happy, or is that a myth?

Dios Quiere Que Seamos Felices
Muchas personas me dicen “Dios quiere que sea feliz, no?” Eso casi siempre es dicho por alguien tratando de justificar una mala decisión o malo comportamiento. ¿Es cierto? ¿No Dios quiere que yo sea feliz? ¿Y si es cierto, no quiere El que yo haga todo posible para que eso suceda? ¿Dios quiere que yo sea feliz, o es un mito?


October 7, 2012Randy Christian

A generation came of age with the motto “If it feels good, do it”. Today we’re more likely to hear versions like: “Whatever works for you”, “Whatever makes you happy” or “Be true to you”. All of these are variations of the original idea—do whatever gives you pleasure. That’s what the world says. Does it work? Is it right?