We Get To Grow

September 7, 2014Randy Christian

In our relationship with God, he isn’t just working around us—he is working in us! When we come to the Lord, Jesus loves us just the way we are—but he loves us too much to leave us that way. So, we get to grow! We get to become spiritually and emotionally mature as we open ourselves, not just to helping out Father with one of his projects, but BEING that project!


September 9, 2012Randy Christian

Many in our country see September as the beginning of a new year. As the fall comes and summer ends our focus needs to be on our relationship with the Lord. At NOCC we understand that God made us with an inherent need for relationship with him—and he provided the essential nutrients we need for that relationship.

The Essentials

January 8, 2012Randy Christian

Spiritual growth is simple. There are things God has created us to have in our lives, and if we do, we grow. Simple. So why don’t we? Perhaps it is because we don’t understand that those things aren’t just “church things”—that they are related to our marriage and family life, our relationships with co-workers and success in our work, our emotions and how we handle them. No one who practices the essentials fails to grow—and no one who fails to practice them grows.