Christmas Is - Celebration

Randy Christian

For most people, the idea of Christmas being a celebration is pretty natural. After all, we have school Christmas parties, office Christmas parties, church Christmas parties, family Christmas gatherings … and we do celebrate! However, we don’t always know what we’re celebrating, and we don’t always know the right way to celebrate. For some, Christmas celebrations are among the most stressful and depressing time of the year! This shouldn’t be— and it doesn’t have to be.

CHRISTMAS IS - Celebration Study Guide

Community: The Collection

August 7, 2011Jared Prickett

“Charity begins at home” is a phrase that has been used as a “cop-out”-an excuse for not helping others when we are able. But we do have a responsibility to take care of of those closest to us-and to live responsibly so that we can do that. Join us as we explore how we, as a body, can take care of each other.


November 9, 2008

The primary form of worship for thousands of years was the presentation of sacrifices and offerings to God. When Jesus came to be “The Sacrifice”, the sacrificial system was fulfilled and done away with. Offerings remain as part of our church life. We offer him our time, our energy, our ability—and yes, our money. But not as part of “church business”—as worship to the one who gave us all we have. Join us as we focus on how giving draws us closer to the Lord.