Who Rose From the Dead?

March 27, 2016
Randy Christian
The resurrection of Jesus is universally recognized as the point of Easter. We don’t need to debate the resurrection—it is by far the most reasonable explanation of the facts we have. But it is important for us to focus on who it was who rose from the dead. It was Jesus, of course. But who was Jesus—and who is he to us? Jesus is God who became flesh. Jesus is the King of the Universe. Jesus is the sacrifice. Jesus is the brother who opens his family to our adoption. Jesus was and is all these things and more. But which one we focus on—which one we personally turn to—is determined by which of these we most need to turn to. The focus of Easter is determined by how we see Jesus. It is essential that our view of him must be Biblically accurate. But we turn to the “Jesus” we most need at the moment, and that isn’t a bad thing. It is perhaps the reason Jesus allowed us such a broad understanding of him. This Easter will focus on our need to actually turn to Jesus and respond to him. Who are we turning to, and why? Jesus the King died for us. But Jesus the priest, the big brother, the one who opens the family of God to us, rose from the dead.

I BELIEVE - In The Resurrection

April 20, 2014Randy Christian

Easter is about many things to many people–but Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus. Do we believe this? Do we live accordingly? This Easter Sunday we will explore the difference between “observing” the holiday and really believing in the resurrection of Jesus!

SO WHAT? Jesus Rose: So What?

April 8, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone knows that Easter is about Jesus’ resurrection. But let’s say he was raised from the dead. So what? Does the resurrection of Jesus really have anything to do with our lives anyway? This Easter sermon introduces a four part series where we ask a good question: So What?

Balderdash: Resurrection

April 24, 2011Randy Christian

The biggest day of the Christian year is based on a word many cannot believe in. Of the four words in the “Balderdash” series it is the easiest to understand. Yet it is also considered “balderdash” by many. Is it ridiculous? Or is it reality? Join us as we look at the resurrection of Jesus and it’s implications for us and for creation itself.

Easter Sunday: Hope For Change

April 4, 2010Randy Christian

Many of us are looking for change—for something to be different, and better. Easter celebrates the biggest and most important change in human history. The Easter story is about what God did to change the course of human history—and potentially of each individual human life. There is hope, and it is found in the Easter event!