NOT OF THIS WORLD: The Current Christian

June 2, 2013Randy Christian

The “Not Of This World” series addresses Biblical teaching applied to important issues in our time and culture to expose how Christians today should respond to these issues. The first of this series addresses what “Christian” means: What is a Christian? Who is a Christian? How do Christians live? What is important to a Christian? Are there answers to these questions, or is this all a matter of personal belief?

El Cristiano Actual
La series “No De Este Mundo” aborda la enseñanza bíblica aplicada a cuestiones importantes en nuestro tiempo y cultura para exponer cómo los Cristianos hoy deben responder a estas cuestiones. El primer mensaje de esta serie aborda lo que significa “Cristiano”: ¿Qué es un Cristiano? ¿Quién es un Cristiano? ¿Cómo viven los Cristianos? ¿Lo que es importante para un Cristiano? ¿Hay respuestas a estas preguntas, o es todo esto una cuestión de creencia personal?

Does God Really Care...About The Little Things?

May 10, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care about the little things? After all, he is God—doesn’t he have more important things to worry about than the things I say, the little decisions I make, the way I feel today? God cares about each of us—and about what happens to each of us. But he doesn’t necessarily see these things the same way as we do. He cares enough to make sure each “little thing” works together to make us more like Jesus.