The Culture of Christ: "We Listen"

Randy Christian

Christians listen to God.  We start with His Word, because that’s why He gave it to us.  We listen through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and through the guidance of wise counsel reflecting the Word.  This sounds simple—and it usually is.  The complicated part is when we become doers of the Word, not just hearers.

THE CULTURE OF CHRIST - We Listen study guide

What's Going On? - Morality

Randy Christian

In general, the Christian body strives to maintain a sense of “good” and “morality” within their homes; however, sometimes that task becomes a bit more trying when it comes to morality within the world. We want to be difference makers, but in a world so different from The Kingdom, how are we to behave and represent the Lord? Sometimes, what is asked from us biblically and secularity are different; what do we do?

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Morality Study Guide

NOT OF THIS WORLD: The Current Christian

June 2, 2013Randy Christian

The “Not Of This World” series addresses Biblical teaching applied to important issues in our time and culture to expose how Christians today should respond to these issues. The first of this series addresses what “Christian” means: What is a Christian? Who is a Christian? How do Christians live? What is important to a Christian? Are there answers to these questions, or is this all a matter of personal belief?

El Cristiano Actual
La series “No De Este Mundo” aborda la enseñanza bíblica aplicada a cuestiones importantes en nuestro tiempo y cultura para exponer cómo los Cristianos hoy deben responder a estas cuestiones. El primer mensaje de esta serie aborda lo que significa “Cristiano”: ¿Qué es un Cristiano? ¿Quién es un Cristiano? ¿Cómo viven los Cristianos? ¿Lo que es importante para un Cristiano? ¿Hay respuestas a estas preguntas, o es todo esto una cuestión de creencia personal?

Community: Men, Women and Worship

May 22, 2011Randy Christian

The Apostle Paul has often been accused of being “sexist”. Many have noted that, if Paul is sexist, then the Holy Spirit must be as well! Is this true? What is the Biblical teaching on men and women in the church? In this passage, we explore Paul’s discussion of this issue as it relates to their corporate worship. Join us as we study this and apply it to NOCC in 2011!