Mother's Day: "God The Mother"

Randy Christian

Mothers are honored in virtually every culture on the planet.  In fact, one of the earliest commands from God is to honor our mothers.  But given that our mothers are human, how do we do that?  We can begin by honoring the ultimate, perfect mother.  Do you know who that is?

MOTHER'S DAY God The Mother study guide


January 12, 2014Randy Christian

In 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 Paul uses one word ten times. Why? Because it is so important! The word is “Parakaleo”, which means “called to stand by” a person. In this four part series we take a look at the fact that we are called to care about one another by standing by one another–and others we don’t even know. What we do when we stand by one another varies from situation to situation, but the most important part is simply to stand by them!