Letters for Living: "Gospel Culture"

Edmund Brooks

How much should a church look like the culture in which it is doing ministry? This is the question that many churches ask when they engage in ministry strategies. Problems occur when churches don’t ask this question and end up assimilating with the sin that is present in a culture. That is what was happening in Crete in 66 AD. Paul sent Titus to Crete to remind the churches in Crete that they were called to model the gospel by living in the culture, but living in a way that showed the love of God. This was relevant in 66 AD and is relevant in 2019. Are we living a life that ministers the gospel or do we look just like the culture?

LETTERS FOR LIVING - Gospel Culture study guide

The Irrational God - Success

Stephen Ulangca

Anywhere in the world you will see people striving to be great. More money, more power, more influence, more fame—all more than others. These are the things we believe make people great. Even the greatness of churches are measured by whether they have more people, more buildings or more money than others. But Jesus said this was the world’s approach, not his. Instead, if we are to be great, we have to become the servant of everyone.

The Irrational God - Success Study Guide

I BELIEVE - In The Church

June 8, 2014Randy Christian

It isn’t unusual today to hear someone day, “I believe in God” (or even Jesus)—just not the church”. Is this possible? Can we really believe in God and Jesus and not believe in the church? And if we believe in the church, what do we believe it is? How can we trust it? And how do we live accordingly?


May 19, 2013Randy Christian

I want to know if this is the man I should marry! I am praying for God to tell me whether or not I should take this job. I am trying to decide whether to move, but don’t know if it is God’s will. I know I should be serving in the church, but I don’t know what God wants me to do! Any of these sound familiar? All of them make one basic assumption–God has a specific will for our lives, but we have to discover it! Is this true, or is it just a myth?

Quiero saber si este es el hombre con quien me debo casar! Estoy orando para que Dios me diga si debo tomar este trabajo o no. Estoy tratando de decidir si deba moverme, pero no sé si es la voluntad de Dios. Sé que debo estar sirviendo en la iglesia, pero no sé lo que Dios quiere que yo haga! ¿Algunas de esas preguntas suenan familiares? Todas esas preguntas hacen un supuesto básico–Dios tiene una voluntad específica para nuestras vidas, pero tenemos que descubrirla! ¿Es esto cierto, o es sólo un mito?

YOLO: One Church

March 24, 2013Randy Christian

We have many churches, many structures, many different ways of doing things today. But does this help us live our lives faithfully? The fact is, there is only one Church, and Peter is not silent about how it is to be led and what it is to do! Regardless of our opinions or preferences, the Holy Spirit has a plan for our lives as part of the One Church.

Una Iglesia
Tenemos muchas iglesias, muchas estructuras, muchas maneras diferentes de hacer cosas hoy. ¿Pero esto nos ayuda a vivir nuestras vidas fielmente? ¡El hecho es, hay solo una Iglesia, y Pedro no es silencio acerca de cómo debe ser conducida y lo que debe hacer! Independientemente de nuestras opiniones o preferencias, el Espíritu Santo tiene un plan para nuestras vidas como parte de Una Iglesia.


October 21, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone wants enough money to live on, but how much is “enough”? Everyone wants their kids to be better off than they are, right? People in the world and people who claim to belong to the Lord all seem to clamor after the quickest and surest way to get wealthy. Churches teach us it is a worthy goal—one God wants to help us with—and how to reach it. With wealth comes power and success, or at least the perception of success. Is it the success we want?

WHY BE NORMAL? Be Different!

September 9, 2012Randy Christian

From the early days of the Church, Christians have struggled with the knowledge that we are different. The problem is, we don’t really like being different. We want to fit in, to be like others around us, and too often we allow those others to slowly reshape us to look just like them. Paul challenges us to stop this, and instead to be reshaped from the inside out by the one we belong to!

Community: The Fitting and Order Clause

July 10, 2011Stephen Ulangca

To outsiders, a gathering of Christians can be mysterious and hard to understand. Even Christians from another church may find the ways of another church strange. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But God didn’t create chaos, and he expects us to act in a way that brings honor to him. Join us as we look at the provisions of the “decency and order clause”.

Community: Parts Is Parts

June 12, 2011Randy Christian

Remember the commercial, “parts is parts”? We are part of the body of Christ, but we are different parts! Some are mouths, some are eyes, some are hands-we even have a few armpits! Join us as we study God’s thoughts on the parts of the body. Understand what part you are, and why sometimes an armpit is more important than a mouth!

Community: Division

January 16, 2011Randy Christian

The divisions in the church are no secret. How did we get that way? Is it just a modern issue? The fact is the church is made of people, and people are imperfect. One of our imperfections is the tendency to put barriers between ourselves. The answer to our divisions is the same as the answer Paul gave with the Corinthians. Join us as we find out what that answer is!

Does God Really Care...About The Little Things?

May 10, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care about the little things? After all, he is God—doesn’t he have more important things to worry about than the things I say, the little decisions I make, the way I feel today? God cares about each of us—and about what happens to each of us. But he doesn’t necessarily see these things the same way as we do. He cares enough to make sure each “little thing” works together to make us more like Jesus.