December 13, 2015
Randy Christian
Celebrating Christmas in the United States today has become complicated. We are a diverse culture—and there is a great deal of difference even among Christians. But Christmas isn’t about how we celebrate—it is about who we celebrate. Today, we need to focus on who Christmas has always been about—and still is!


December 6, 2015
Randy Christian
The way we celebrate Christmas depends on culture—even society’s mood. But “the good old days” aren’t necessarily any better—or Biblically true to what Christmas is about. Christmas has never been about a “Christmas Spirit”, family, or good will. Christmas has and always will be about only one thing—the birth of God who became flesh.

KINGDOM MATTERS: The Kingdom’s Future

November 22, 2015
Randy Christian
Before leaving the Kingdom Matters series, it is important to explore the future of the Kingdom. Even though the Kingdom exists today, it isn’t today—or tomorrow—we should be concerned with. The things of this world will be done away with, but the Kingdom is eternal—as is our relationship to the King!

KINGDOM MATTERS: The Kingdom and the World, Part 2

November 15, 2015
Randy Christian
The second installment of “The Kingdom of the World” explores how Kingdom subjects in this country respond to the worldly government under whose authority we live, as well as how Kingdom subjects in this country respond to the politics of the country in which we live.

KINGDOM MATTERS: The Kingdom and the World, Part 1

November 1, 2015
Randy Christian
One of the most immediate needs of citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven is to know how to respond to the world today. We aren’t left to figure this out ourselves—we are given guidance in scripture. So, we explore this guidance with the first installment as we look at how Kingdom subjects respond to specific people in the world.


October 25, 2015Randy Christian

Most societies have laws—even the ancient Israelites did. But the Kingdom of Heaven isn’t a set of laws. It is based on the relationship of faith and loyalty between the King himself and his subjects. So, the book of the Christian—the Kingdom Book—isn’t a book of regulations. It is a communication between the King and his subjects. What is in it, and how do we know?

KINGDOM MATTERS: The Kingdom on Foreign Soil

October 04, 2015Randy Christian

The Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t just exist somewhere else. It is the only Kingdom that actually exists in all other kingdoms and republics. How does someone live as a faithful part of the Kingdom of God in another land? 

KINGDOM MATTERS: Naturalization

September 20, 2015Randy Christian

When someone doesn’t start off as a citizen of a country, and she wants to be, she “naturalizes”. We all know people who have become naturalized citizens. But how do we “naturalize” to citizenship in the Kingdom? The answer isn’t found in your opinion or mine, but in the scripture. By understanding the scriptural answer to this question, we can all be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven!


September 13, 2015Randy Christian

Most of us have heard the term “The Kingdom of God”. But hearing it doesn’t mean we understand it—or the fact that we are part of it—now. What did Jesus say about the Kingdom? What did the Apostles say? The Kingdom is real, and we need to understand it if we are to be effective citizens of the Kingdom. 

FAITH AND FAMILY: Non Traditional Families

August 30, 2015Randy Christian

The “traditional” family has probably never really existed. But today we are more aware of non-traditional families—we even create some new categories! Are these really families? Does the Bible say anything about these families?


August 16, 2015Randy Christian

A generation ago, adoption is what happened when a couple wanted children but couldn’t have their own. Today, many young couples—and singles—see adoption as a mission. What is adoption really about, and why is it so important for Christians to understand? What does the Bible tell us about adoption?

FAITH AND FAMILY: The Parenting Tool Box- Correction

August 9, 2015Randy Christian

Only one child in history has grown to adulthood without sin. So as parents we can take it for granted that we will need to correct our children from time to time in order to set them back on the right track. What does that correction look like, and what does the Bible tell us about correcting our children as disciples?

FAITH AND FAMILY: The Parenting Tool Box- Prevention

August 2, 2015Randy Christian

Knowing the purpose of parenting doesn’t tell us how to do it! And of course, there is no manual—or set of manuals—that systematically sets out “God’s Way” of parenting. There is however a wealth of scriptural teaching that guides us—a tool box offering a number of ways to disciple our children. The first is to recognize that “discipline” is not always “correction”. It involves training our children in such a way as to prevent problems as well! What does the Bible tell us about this proactive training?

FAITH AND FAMILY: The Purpose of Parenting

July 26, 2015Randy Christian

Expectations of parenting change from culture to culture and through time. Today, many (most?) young people grow up not knowing what healthy parenting looks like. So, what is healthy parenting? What is the purpose of parenting? Does the Bible actually address this, or are we left to figure it out on our own?