Parables of Jesus: "The New and the Old"

Randy Christian

Change can be welcomes or dreaded. But change does come, and, when it does, it often affects far more than what we are hoping for. Sometimes, when change needs to happen, it needs to happen broadly. How can we tell? And how can we handle the good changes?

PARABLES OF JESUS - The New and the Old Study Guide

JESUS ON LIFE - Jesus on Anxiety

Randy ChristianJESUS ON LIFE
“Jesus on Anxiety”
September 14, 2008

Anxiety, fear, worry. What do they all have in common? No, not medication. What they have in common is us. Every one of us has to deal with things that cause anxiety, fear and worry—and many of us react to life this way. Is this reaction inevitable? Is there another way? What did Jesus say? Find out as we look at Jesus On Anxiety.