Why Be Normal


November 11, 2012Randy Christian

There was a time when “America, Love It Or Leave it” collided with “America, Change It Or Lose It”. People using either phrase were convinced they were the loyal and faithful ones—and of course the others weren’t! What does it mean to be loyal today? And who and what deserves our loyalty? Can I be loyal to Jesus AND my country, my party, my community, my wife, you?

WHY BE NORMAL? Life and Death

November 4, 2012Randy Christian

Is there life after death? Do you have to believe that to be a Christian? And what will that life be like? And who gets it? And why? Doesn’t God love everyone? Doesn’t that mean we’re all going to be ok? Aren’t the people who were close to us looking over us? In the world, virtually every belief is embraced, for the simple reason that you believe it. Does that make it true? What does a Christian believe about Life and Death?


October 21, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone wants enough money to live on, but how much is “enough”? Everyone wants their kids to be better off than they are, right? People in the world and people who claim to belong to the Lord all seem to clamor after the quickest and surest way to get wealthy. Churches teach us it is a worthy goal—one God wants to help us with—and how to reach it. With wealth comes power and success, or at least the perception of success. Is it the success we want?


October 14, 2012Randy Christian

The difference between the world and the church on the subject of marriage is so great today that the first thing a preacher has to do is define what marriage is. The temptation to go with the world’s definition—and its attitudes and practices—is huge. But the world’s success rate isn’t very inspiring. Are we any different?


October 7, 2012Randy Christian

A generation came of age with the motto “If it feels good, do it”. Today we’re more likely to hear versions like: “Whatever works for you”, “Whatever makes you happy” or “Be true to you”. All of these are variations of the original idea—do whatever gives you pleasure. That’s what the world says. Does it work? Is it right?

WHY BE NORMAL? Medication

September 30, 2012Randy Christian

Medicine isn’t a bad thing—unless we misuse it. But the temptation to do that can be overwhelming! If one pill makes me feel better, three will be great! Right? And what about other kinds of “medicine”? Alcohol? “Recreational” drugs? Gambling? Gaming? Movies? TV? Food? The world is full of medicine—and attitudes on how we should use it. Should Christians buy into these attitudes?

WHY BE NORMAL? Social Media

September 23, 2012Randy Christian

Twenty years ago the term “social media” didn’t exist and “social networking” meant introducing people to one another. Today virtually everyone is impacted by Social Media—and not always in ways we know and understand. Are Christians any different in how we use social media—or in how it affects us?

WHY BE NORMAL? Be Different!

September 9, 2012Randy Christian

From the early days of the Church, Christians have struggled with the knowledge that we are different. The problem is, we don’t really like being different. We want to fit in, to be like others around us, and too often we allow those others to slowly reshape us to look just like them. Paul challenges us to stop this, and instead to be reshaped from the inside out by the one we belong to!