We Are Family


April 13, 2014Randy Christian

Spiritual warfare is real—but it isn’t a matter of formulas, rituals, casting, binding and assuming authority over other creatures we don’t understand. Spiritual warfare is extraordinarily simple—and difficult. Paul’s life was spent fighting this war, and he passes the key to winning it on to us.

WE ARE FAMILY: Submission

April 6, 2014Randy Christian

The world operates on authority—people telling other people what to do. Success in the world is seen as climbing the ladder of authority—being the one telling others what to do. The church is not immune to this temptation—in fact it often gives into it, accepting as a given that authority is a sign of God’s grace. But Jesus said it would not be that way with us. The key to living differently is understanding submission. But who is to submit to whom? And what does that look like?

WE ARE FAMILY: Change Is Good

March 23, 2014Randy Christian

When who we are and how we live is destructive, change is good. But change requires an understanding that we are in fact different. As obvious as this sounds, it isn’t easy. Change requires actively doing something instead of what we are not doing. A vacuum fills itself, and Paul tells us how to fill it in Christ.

WE ARE FAMILY: Integrity

March 16, 2014Randy Christian

Integrity is the “integration” of what we say we believe and what we do. People with integrity live consistently with what they believe. People without integrity don’t. Belonging to Jesus means doing the will of the Father. But what does that mean? What is that “will” in a given setting? By living in a way that “fits” who we are, we live with integrity—and Paul makes clear what that looks like.

WE ARE FAMILY: Perspective

March 9, 2014Randy Christian

It is not uncommon for us to misunderstand what we see. In essence, we still see through the eyes of a citizen of this world. Paul gives us an example of how to shift our vision and see things through God’s eyes. We don’t have to live with the world’s perspective—God is willing to give us his own!

WE ARE FAMILY: The First Resurrection

February 23, 2014Randy Christian

One of the most attractive aspects of Christianity is the promise of resurrection and eternal life. But is resurrection only something that happens after we die? And which death is this? In reality we who are in Christ have already experienced resurrection.


February 16, 2014Randy Christian

If prayer is talking to God, what should we talk about? If we ask God to intervene in our lives, what should we ask for? Health? Safety? Protection? Success? Paul prayed for the people he wrote to, and told them what he prayed for. How does his prayer compare to ours? What does the Apostle see as important to pray for?

WE ARE FAMILY: Enter The Family

February 9, 2014Randy Christian

Christians talk about belonging to a “family”. The Bible tells us that, when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we are adopted by God, the Father. We become heirs with Jesus of the spiritual blessings he gives—and he gives us a “deposit“—the Holy Spirit.