The New Year


January 1, 2012
The scriptures say that, when we come to the Lord, we are a new creation. But what then? Even after we know Jesus we still fail, we still muddy ourselves with our own sin. Even then, renewal is available to us. On the first day of 2012 we will worship together and submit to our Lord—and we start the new year as new creations once again.

The New Year: This Joy Is Mine!

January 2, 2011Randy Christian

On the first Sunday of the year everything is new and promising. Some will make decisions—resolutions—about how they want 2011 to be different than the year before. Maybe the best decisions we can make is to be certain we don’t allow anything this year to separate us from the Lord—or from the life he gave us. The year is fresh and new and has the promise of joy. Let’s be sure we know how to keep that joy!