The Art of Worship


September 29, 2013Randy Christian

Worship, like most things we do, must be practiced before we are really good at it. But that feels awkward—strange–to most of us. How do we “practice” worship? In this final installment in “The Art Of Worship” Randy Christian and Stephen Ulangca will join together to lead just such a practice session!

THE ART OF WORSHIP: Giving Worship

September 22, 2013Randy Christian

One of the reasons so many don’t “get anything out of worship services” is very simple—we aren’t supposed to! If we gather for a worship service—unless we are the one being worshipped, it is God who is supposed to get something out of it. So, what does he get out of what we do on Sunday mornings, and how can we make sure he gets it?

THE ART OF WORSHIP: Living Worship

September 15, 2013Randy Christian

So many of us fail to have meaningful worship experiences when we gather together—but we don’t really know why. The answer is often not in what happens as we gather—but what happens before! The Bible tells us that worship is supposed to be 24/7—and what we do—or don’t do—day in and day out will decide whether what we do when we gather for “worship services” is what it should be.

THE ART OF WORSHIP: Worship Is What You Do

September 8, 2013Randy Christian

Worship is the “religious” activity most people participate in—and the one most people don’t understand. We don’t need to be in the dark about what worship is or how to do it—it only requires that we listen to what God has said about it. “The Art Of Worship” is a four part sermon series where we will do just that.