Faith is Life: "Intensely Faithful"

Randy Christian

1 Peter 4:1-19

At NOCC we have a Mission statement:  We exist to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship.  “Passion” looks different in different situations, and for different people.  But there is always a fervency—an intensity—that shows itself in our love for the Lord and for others.

FAITH IS LIFE - Intensely Faithful study guide

YOLO: One Trial

March 17, 2013Randy Christian

Living in a fallen world, we all have problems. In fact, many of us-maybe even most of us-have big problems. These experiences can be like a trial, showing who we are by how we respond. Making the most of life isn’t about avoiding these trials-it’s about living them! In the long run, all these experiences are the same, there is only one trial!

Una Prueba
Viviendo en un mundo caído, todos tenemos problemas. De hecho, muchos de nosotros, tal vez la mayoría de nosotros – tenemos grandes problemas. Estas experiencias pueden ser como una prueba, demostrando quienes somos por cómo respondemos. ¡Hacer lo mas de la vida no se trata de evitar estas pruebas, se trata de vivirlas! A la larga, todas experiencias son iguales, hay sólo una prueba!

YOLO: One Suffering

February 17, 2013Randy Christian

Suffering is a hard sell. Not many of us would see suffering as a positive thing. But sometimes it is necessary. Everyone who has heard of Jesus knows of his suffering-in fact the cross is probably the most recognized symbol in the world-the symbol of his suffering. So, what has that got to do with us? And why do we need to understand his suffering to live our lives?

Un Sufrimiento
El sufrimiento es un asunto difícil de discutir. No muchos de nosotros vemos el sufrimiento como algo positivo. Pero a veces es necesario. Todo el que ha oído hablar de Jesús sabe de su sufrimiento, de hecho la Cruz es probablemente el símbolo más reconocido en el mundo – el símbolo de su sufrimiento. Así que, ¿qué tiene que ver eso con nosotros? Y, ¿por qué necesitamos entender su sufrimiento para vivir nuestras vidas?

To Believe And Live: Suffering

August 8, 2010Randy Christian

The last hours of Jesus’ life are often referred to as “The Passion”. The reason is that the word “passion” used to mean more than intense desire for something—it meant intense feelings of many kinds, including suffering. Suffering isn’t a word most of us want to hear, but it was key to God’s plan. Jesus’ suffering defined his life and how he affected others. We need to understand his suffering and what it means in our lives today.

Does God Really Care...About People Suffering?

May 17, 2009Randy Christian

Does God really care what happens to people in the world? How could he, if he allows the suffering we see and hear about? War, disease, poverty, crime, disaster—it seems our lives are filled with ways to make us miserable. Then there is eternity. Eternal suffering. Is it real? If so, how can we believe God really cares?