So What


December 20, 2015
Randy Christian
If Christmas is and always has been about the birth of Jesus, what does that mean for us today and in the future? How can we make sure we are focused on the Lord during this season, and not cultural diversions? How can we pass that on to others—including later generations? The world has one answer. Some Christians have another. But the “so what” isn’t different today from what it has ever been. The “so what” is Jesus.

SO WHAT? There is Hope

April 29, 2012Randy Christian

Can people change? Can someone with anger, guilt, addiction, hate, bitterness—all those things we hate to be—actually change? Some say “no”, it isn’t possible. Others wish they could change, but don’t really believe it—they don’t have hope. But there is hope. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we have hope—we can change!

SO WHAT? There Are Limits

April 22, 2012Randy Christian

As important as freedom is, sometimes the most important thing in our life is freedom curtailed. A small child with complete freedom is in grave danger. In the same way, whether we like to admit it or not, spiritually we are children, and complete freedom will destroy us. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we have limits.

SO WHAT? There Is Freedom

April 15, 2012Randy Christian

Freedom is important to Americans. We glorify those who fight for it. But is that how we become free? We all know a lot of Americans who have a kind of freedom, but live their lives enslaved to guilt, drugs, bad relationships, or just their own sin. We don’t have to be enslaved to such things. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can have real freedom!

SO WHAT? Jesus Rose: So What?

April 8, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone knows that Easter is about Jesus’ resurrection. But let’s say he was raised from the dead. So what? Does the resurrection of Jesus really have anything to do with our lives anyway? This Easter sermon introduces a four part series where we ask a good question: So What?