What's Going On? - Morality

Randy Christian

In general, the Christian body strives to maintain a sense of “good” and “morality” within their homes; however, sometimes that task becomes a bit more trying when it comes to morality within the world. We want to be difference makers, but in a world so different from The Kingdom, how are we to behave and represent the Lord? Sometimes, what is asked from us biblically and secularity are different; what do we do?

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Morality Study Guide


February 8, 2015Randy Christian

Ok, almost everyone talks about sex. TV, movies, the news, schools—and yes, churches. But what do we actually talk about? Too often churches’ discussion of sex is limited to “Don’t” or “Don’t tell me”. Pretty lame considering how powerful a part of peoples’ lives this is. What does the Bible say about sex and sexuality, and what does the church need to be telling people?

Community: Is Sex Sin?

March 13, 2011Randy Christian

Sex is one of the most powerful forces driving us as individuals, shaping our relationships, and influencing our society. It isn’t hard to see that our society’s values are not healthy, but what do we put in their place? Come look into Paul’s teaching on sexual relationships.