Change of Heart Update: "Real Safe:

Randy Christian

The change of heart requires that we be both real and safe.  This isn’t new to the congregation, but in this sermon we will explore both more fully.  “Real” means authenticity, integrity, truth. “Safe” means safe to explore, to heal, to grow, to be real, to struggle with doubt, sin, change, etc.  It does NOT mean acceptance of all behavior and thought—especially for Christians.  Where is the balance between “real” and “safe”?  When we find that balance, we will have Jesus’ heart!

CHANGE OF HEART UPDATE - Real Safe study guide

To Believe And Live: Know Him, Know Yourself

June 27, 2010Randy Christian

Who is Jesus? Who did he claim to be? Reading this passage there can be no doubt about who he said he is. He also said who we are, and the two are a package deal! Knowing Him helps us know ourselves, and knowing ourselves lets live the full life he said we could have!

To Believe And Live: What Makes Life Full?

June 6, 2010Randy Christian

Jesus liked to talk about things people understood to help them get a grasp on things they didn’t. What they didn’t always understand is the kind of life they could have. He said he came so that we could have life—a full life. But what does that mean, and how exactly does someone have that full life? Is your life so full you are content with it? Join us as we learn how to have that kind of life!

Memorial Day: Worship And Remembrance

May 30, 2010Randy Christian

Memorial day is set aside to remember those who have given their lives for others. Jesus honored this gift with his highest praise. This Memorial Day we will honor and remember those who made this highest expression of love-and the greatest sacrifice ever made!