DECATHLON: Sabbatical

July 15, 2012Randy Christian

“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”. While most of us have heard the word “Sabbath”, few actually know what—or why—it is. Of course Jesus understood it, and taught his disciples how to as well. But do we? Is the Sabbath even for us? And if so, what does “keeping” it look like? Isn’t this just a lot of “Old Testament” stuff? Join us as we discover why this commandment may be the most important thing residents of Southern California hear this year!

Labor Day - Rest

September 4, 2011Randy Christian

Labor Day began as a way of honoring the American Labor Movement. Today, it is a holiday that marks the last big week of the summer—a time or rest and relaxation before the fall schedules begin. But too often people believe they can “rest” best away from the Lord and His people—and it isn’t true! True rest is resting in the Lord, and this Labor Day Sunday we will experience how to really rest—resting in our Lord!