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The Culture for Christ: "We Serve"

Randy Christian

Success is often measured by how many serve us rather than how many we serve.  This is the world’s approach.  But Jesus said very clearly we would not be like the world if we belong to Him.  So, service becomes a simple expression of love and devotion from us to Him—regardless of whom we are serving.

THE CULTURE OF CHRIST - We Serve study guide

Escape: "Betrayal"

Randy Christian

Betrayal is a strong word, and it evokes strong emotion in the person who feels betrayed.  Jonah felt betrayed by God—and by God’s very nature.  Yet it was Jonah who betrayed God.  Like Jonah we tend to betray God and then try to lay the blame on God Himself.  But like Jonah, God doesn’t respond in kind to our betrayal.

ESCAPE - Betrayal study guide


March 29, 2015Randy Christian

No one names his newborn son “Judas”. It is a name held in contempt by everyone in the world, Christian or not. But Judas wasn’t a demon. He was, in fact, uncomfortably similar to us. And the more we understand that similarity, the less likely we will fall into the same trap that made “Judas” the most infamous name in history.