What's Going On? - Racism

Randy Christian

Racism is still prominent today. Despite the nation’s best efforts to move forward with equality among all men, it still has struggled with these goals. Therefore, as a body separate from the nation and this world, the Christian congregation must also combat such a strife with the love of God. What should the church do (not just the leadership) in response to racism? Is it present in worship today?

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Racism Study Guide


January 11, 2015Randy Christian

Churches are known for talking about certain things—and apparently for NOT talking about certain things. There are issues in our society that are all over the news and Facebook, yet are rarely discussed from the pulpit. Why is that? Is it that the Bible doesn’t address these things? Is it fear of what people will say or do in response to these issues? Whatever the reason—or excuse, it isn’t good enough. The light of the Word needs to shine, even if what it shows us makes us feel uncomfortable. So, we being a brief series called “We Don’t Talk About That” with the hottest topic in the news today: Racism.