New: "New Purpose"

Edmund Brooks

Many people know what their “calling” is. A friend of mine was called “Doctor” by his parents since he was a child. You can guess what his parents wanted his calling to be. But when you come to Christ you are called to an even bigger task. What is that task? What is your purpose as a Christian?

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January 4, 2015Randy Christian

NOCC exists to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship. We have heard this restated many times in the last year—because it is the reason we exist! But what does that mean for each of us individually? What part of this is for the “staff” or the “leadership”? And what does the average person in the body do to fulfill this mission?

MYTHBUSTERS: It Must Be God's Will

April 14, 2013Randy Christian

When I was 22 years old I was hit by a truck. I was fortunate in that I only suffered orthopedic injuries and the loss of a large amount of my skin. As I was explaining my injuries to a friend at school, he said “I’m sure God has a purpose for this–after all, it was his will!” Really? God wanted me to get hit by a truck? Is everything that happens God’s will, or is that a myth?

Debe Ser La Voluntad de Dios
Cuando tenía 22 años de edad fui atropellado por un camión. Tuve la suerte de que sólo sufrí lesiones ortopédicas y la pérdida de una gran cantidad de mi piel. Cuando le estaba explicando mis lesiones a un amigo en la escuela, él dijo “Estoy seguro de que Dios tiene un propósito para esto–después de todo, fue su voluntad!” ¿De veras? ¿Dios quería ser que yo fuera golpeado por un camión? ¿Es todo lo que sucede la voluntad de Dios o solo un mito?