Change of Heart Update: "Three Empty Chairs"

Randy Christian

If you have been part of NOCC for more than a year, you have noticed some changes—not all of them good.  The changes are in something we tend to not talk about at NOCC—the attendance at worship services.  We aren’t interested in just packing in numbers of people.  But each empty chair represents a specific person.  If we are to have Jesus’ heart, we need to know who these people are, and what our Lord wants us to do to reach out to them.

CHANGE OF HEART UPDATE - Three Empty Chairs study guide

What's Going On? - Morality

Randy Christian

In general, the Christian body strives to maintain a sense of “good” and “morality” within their homes; however, sometimes that task becomes a bit more trying when it comes to morality within the world. We want to be difference makers, but in a world so different from The Kingdom, how are we to behave and represent the Lord? Sometimes, what is asked from us biblically and secularity are different; what do we do?

WHAT'S GOING ON? - Morality Study Guide

What's Going On? - The Vote

Randy Christian

All we see on the television, hear about in the news, and read on Facebook is the big political race. This November, America will be electing a new president. With so many hot topics that each candidate is addressing, how is the Christian body supposed to address such heated situations with God in mind? Where are we even supposed to stand politically? Join us Sunday to find out.

WHAT'S GOING ON? - The Vote Study Guide


June 16, 2013Randy Christian

Americans like their guns. So when someone suggests their rights to own guns should be limited it isn’t surprising that they would react strongly. But how should a Christian respond in this discussion? Are we just like any other citizen of America, or do we have a different agenda? What does the world tell us? What are our King’s views, and how should we express them?

Derechos De Pistolas
A los estadounidenses les gustan sus armas. Entonces cuando alguien sugiere que el derecho a poseer armas de fuego debe ser limitado no es sorprendente que reaccionen fuertemente. Pero, ¿cómo debe responder un Cristiano en este debate? ¿Al igual que cualquier otro ciudadano de América, o tenemos una agenda diferente? ¿Qué nos dice la palabra? ¿Cuáles son opiniones de nuestro Rey, y cómo debemos expresarlas?

MYTHBUSTERS: God Has Priorities (J.O.Y.)

May 12, 2013Randy Christian

If I’m going to live my life in a healthy way, I have to have the right priorities–don’t I? Hasn’t God given me these priorities? Doesn’t my wife, or family, or kids come first? Does God set these priorities for my life–or has someone else done that? Is the idea of God’s priorities real, or just a myth?

Dios Tiene Prioridades (J.O.Y)
¿Si voy a vivir mi vida de manera saludable, tengo que tener las prioridades correctas–no? ¿No Dios me ha dado estas prioridades? ¿No mi esposa, o familia o los niños vienen primero? ¿Dios establece las prioridades de mi vida–o alguien más hizo eso? ¿Es la idea de las prioridades de Dios reales, o sólo un mito?

JESUS ON LIFE - Jesus on Priorities

Randy ChristianJESUS ON LIFE
“Jesus on Priorities”
September 28, 2008

We all have priorities because we all have more than one thing that is important to us. So, what are your priorities? What comes first? What comes next? What comes last? How do you decide, and how does your list change? By listening to Jesus on Priorities!