Practicing Jesus

What's In A Name?: "Practicing Jesus"

Randy Christian

With those who call themselves Christian split into so many denominations today, any organization wanting to unite them has to come up with some idea of who is and who is not a Christian.  One organization came up with the idea that anyone who accepted Jesus as Lord should be considered Christian.  The problem with that is that Jesus said “no”.  In this study we explore what He said about those who belong to Him, and what that might look like for us today.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? - Practicing Jesus study guide


March 18, 2012Randy Christian

When you finish a letter, you tend to make sure the things you wanted to say are said in the end. Join us as we see John’s wrap-up and its application in prayer, mutual accountability and by practicing the life of faith.

PRACTICING JESUS: Practicing Faith

March 11, 2012Randy Christian

What is faith? Is it what we believe to be true? Is it what we trust in? Is it in the sum of those things we do because of what we believe to be true? To practice faith requires an understanding of what faith is—and what it is in. Join us as we explore the nature of faith and what it means to practice it.


March 4, 2012Randy Christian

Everyone loves. Everyone wants to love. Everyone wants to be loved. Love occupies much of our thoughts, our arts, our lives. And yet love is so easily misunderstood. Ask 20 different people to describe love and you’ll get 20 different answers, because we tend to see love as a projection of ourselves. But it isn’t. Love isn’t from us—it is from God, and the only way to truly love is to experience His love.


February 26, 2012Randy Christian

Our world is very interested in the spiritual world—but we like to keep it just a step away from ourselves. We see it as fiction, though we want it to be real. But what if the world of spirits is real? How do we know which spirit is good and which is not, and how to respond to each? Join us as we explore the practice of testing spirits as we live in 2012 California!


February 19, 2012Randy Christian

Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed to be one way? How does that feel? Most of us value being in relationships that are reflexive—that go two ways. The Bible tells us where to find those relationships and how to practice them!


February 12, 2012Randy Christian

Who are you? How do you define yourself? And how do you know? So many people spend so much time trying to “find themselves”. But our identity should be obvious to us and others. So join us as we can practice living as the people we really are.


February 5, 2012Randy Christian

Anyone who has been around the church has heard people talk about “the world” and the dangers of loving it. But aren’t we part of the world, and shouldn’t we love it? What does it mean then, to not love the world, and how exactly can we avoid it? Do have to become hermits, or religious fanatics? Living faithfully with our first love requires understanding and practice!


January 29, 2012Randy Christian

Spiritual growth often focuses on love. People from many faiths and belief systems understand this. Love is of extreme importance. But obedience? Is it really important? Doesn’t it infringe on our own freedom—which we believe is of highest importance? What is the link between love and obedience?

PRACTICING JESUS: Walking in the Light

January 22, 2012Randy Christian

To walk in the light isn’t a matter of one step. It is a decision to follow Jesus and live as he wants us to and has told us to. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen in the darkness. The truth is, the only way to follow Jesus is to walk in the light.


January 15, 2012Randy Christian

The last living Apostle wrote a letter to all who follow Jesus. He spoke with authority and with clarity, and we said some things we need to hear. He spoke of those who say they follow Jesus and those who don’t. He explained that the Christian life is one of continued practice and growth. So, we begin our study of what it is to practice Jesus with an understanding of The Word of Life.