Pop Music

POP MUSIC: He's After Me

August 25, 2013Randy Christian

Music gives us an avenue to express thoughts, feelings and intentions–and it teaches us as well. Music has been part of people’s relationship with God for as long as we know–people just like us. And one of the greatest things it does for us is help us to understand and celebrate God himself!

POP MUSIC: Praise Him

August 11, 2013Randy Christian

What is “praise”? Why is it so important? And how do we do it? And why would God ask us to praise Him? Music and praise have gone together for as long as history records. Music gives us an avenue for praise–and it invites us to praise Him together.

POP MUSIC: Sin and Forgiveness

August 4, 2013Randy Christian

The pain of sin and guilt is among the most devastating we experience–and forgiveness is the biggest need we have–and have had for thousands of years. Hebrew music addressed the need to learn as well as to express feelings–and it did so in a brutally honest way. Even the King of Psalmists was honest about his sin, and he teaches the rest of us how to avoid his pain.

POP MUSIC: I Don't Feel Him

July 21, 2013Randy Christian

“I just don’t feel close to God anymore”. We’ve all felt this–probably even said it. Sometimes we wonder what happened, other times we wonder why He has abandoned us. This experience isn’t new–and was in fact a common theme in Hebrew music. “I Don’t Feel Him” doesn’t have to be the last word!

POP MUSIC: Righteous

July 14, 2013Randy Christian

The music of the Hebrews wasn’t the same as ours—but just as ours is important and popular to us, so theirs was to them. Pop Music is a series of sermons on selected Psalms which give us a glimpse into what was important in their lives—beginning with how to live.